Sertifi | Employee Spotlight, Meet Kevin
Explore Sertifi's culture with an employee spotlight, highlighting Director of Customer Success Kevin Benham. Sertifi is seeking customer support professionals in Chicago.
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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kevin

Q: When did you start working at Sertifi?
A: I joined Sertifi in 2010, in a hybrid role that combined quality assurance, customer training, and support.

Q: What initially drew you to Sertifi?
A: Working for a small (at the time) company meant that I could try new things, and there were lots of opportunities for career development.

Q: What have been the biggest changes since you joined the company?
A: The most noticeable change is that we have nearly tripled in size! Back then, we were in ‘startup mode’, which often meant changing direction on the fly. Now, we have a much clearer roadmap for where the company is headed. One thing that hasn’t changed is the emphasis on the success of our customers.

Q: What is your current role? What does a typical day look like?
A: As the Director of Customer Success, I lead our Customer Success and Support team. Day to day, I am still very much hands-on with our customers. A typical day might include fielding customer requests, conducting a training call, or making plans for onboarding a new customer. In between, I check in with our established customers to make sure they are getting maximum value from their Sertifi solution.

Customer Success Advocate, New Dad, and Sertifi O.G.

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Q: How has your career evolved within the company?
A: As the company grew, maintaining a high level of customer support and training became more than one person could handle. We added to the team and I took on a leadership role, figuring out how to help our customers succeed, and how to measure that success.

Q: Tell us about Sertifi’s pod structure and what you like most about it.
A: A pod brings sales and customer success together, with a shared goal of bringing on new customers and making sure they thrive. It’s very collaborative – I might serve as a technical resource during the sales process; other times, the account manager helps me check in with a current customer. We work together, which makes us all more productive.

Q: As a new dad, how do you balance your career and family?
A: Sertifi is all about work-life balance, and that has been the culture from day one. When my son was born, I was able to adjust my schedule, and I’ve had a lot of flexibility to take care of all the things that come with having a little kid, like doctor’s appointments and daycare pickup.

Q: What advice do you have for candidates hoping to join the team at Sertifi?
A: Be ready to tackle more than just what’s in your job description. We’re a growing company, and everyone pitches in.