Sertifi for Zuora


Sertifi has integrated Zuora’s hosted payment technology into our closing solution, allowing Zuora users to quickly capture customer eSignatures and payments in one seamless interaction.


With Sertifi’s efficient integration into Zuora’s z-billing, the subscription economy now has a contract and payment collection solution. All within Zuora, users can send contracts and collect signatures and credit card information. Users also have the ability to track the status of a contract or payment as well as the ability to schedule reminders to individuals who still have a contract open.


Zuora users can now enjoy the convenience and added level of security of Sertifi’s digital contract execution process.

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The Sertifi Solution for Subscription Economy Pain Points

“We don’t know what we did before Sertifi.”


We hear it all the time. That’s because we’re providing much-needed solutions for all of the pain points that the subscription economy suffers in regards to contract execution.

Sender Experience_Zuora (small)
Sender Experience_Zuora (small)

A Look Inside Sertifi

Once a contract has been sent for signature and payment, the signer automatically receives a company branded email requesting they follow a link to complete the contract. Within the web-portal, the customer is able to communicate any questions in real time.


As they fill out their information, they are guided through a step-by-step process which will ensure that no contracts are returned with missing information.

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Who's Made the Switch to Sertifi for Zuora

When it comes to closing business – the hard part should be making the sale, not wrapping it up. That’s why, at Sertifi, our goal is to make business frictionless.


With our PCI-compliant method of collecting customer payments online, its clear to see not only why our customers have upgraded to digital contract execution, but also why some customers have switched from other providers who are lacking the full-circle payment piece. Companies including Avalara, Armor, Appfolio, and have already made the switch.