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4 Ways ePayments Can Get You Back to Business

We can all feel it – a return to normal is right around the corner.  

As the rest of us are busy renewing our passports, making travel plans, and reuniting with friends and loved ones we haven’t seen in a year, businesses are going through a reopening process of their own. 

For the businesses that were hit the hardest by the pandemic, particularly the hospitality industry, it could be a bit more challenging. 

Many are finding themselves needing to use muscles that haven’t been flexed in over a year. And they’re doing so with fewer resources at their disposal.  

Having been forced to furlough or lay off large numbers of their staff, hotels may not be equipped to deliver the same level of quality service they provided previously and could be left feeling unprepared or overwhelmed.  

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking about all the things that need to happen to ensure your hotel or properties run smoothly. This is a great opportunity for hotels and property management companies to evaluate their business processes, better their workflows, and reduce unnecessary administrative work.  

There are some manual tasks that are already time-consuming, and with fewer resources, can become crippling to productivity and negatively impact the guest experience. 


The Director of Events & Catering Sales, Marcus Hotels and Resorts, shared the following:  

“Even prior to Covid-19, Sertifi was making my Sales team’s lives easier and most importantly signing contracts with our property much easier for our guests. Most people don’t have easy access to printers or scanners when they are traveling or working from home. With Sertifi’s products, you don’t need to print, sign, and scan documents – everything is handled securely and electronically. Sertifi’s ongoing customer service and training are world-class”. 

– Director of Events & Catering Sales, Marcus Hotels and Resorts   


Many of our customers have suggested that even before getting back into the full swing of business, hotels may want to examine their existing manual processes and see what areas can be automated to accommodate a smaller team. This will give your staff members the time to focus on more pressing matters. 

Productivity isn’t the only benefit of streamlining processes. Repetitive and manual tasks, such as rekeying credit card information, can also lead to human error. By integrating a tool like Sertifi’s ePayments solution into your PMS, you can eliminate that risk.  


Here are some additional ways the Sertifi ePayments solution can help make your return-to-work smoother: 

Reduced transaction costs.  

The automation and convenience provided by online payments lead to lower overhead and reduced transaction cost. Hotels can cut costs and set up a payment system with no upfront cost (generally).  

Increased payment security.  

Online payments are more strictly regulated than in-person payments providing increased protection. Additionally, the guest’s money is instantly sent to the acquiring account giving hotels better control over their finances.  

Improved guest journey.  

Online payments mean less friction and more convenience for both the guest and hotel. Convenience in completing a transaction is something people have grown to expect and value.  

Additional payment methods.  

Accepting online payments provides guests with multiple payment methods to choose from. Depending on the type of payment partner hotels work with, guests will have access to many alternatives. Some common methods include eWallets, cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards, and more.

All along, our goal at Sertifi has been simple, to help businesses around the world do more with less and reduce the administrative work that goes into sending and receiving paperwork. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing just how important this is. 

Improve your hotel’s internal workflows by implementing a payment solution that digitizes repetitive and time-consuming tasks.