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A New Way for Sales and Catering Teams to Save Time

Sertifi and Amadeus have integrated for a new, streamlined user interface.

Guest blog post from Jacki Schroder, Product Marketing Manager, Amadeus.

Planners’ expectations are continuously evolving with an ever-increasing need for faster responses, supreme organization, thorough detail, and flawless execution. Sales teams need to view updated availability at the touch of a button, respond immediately to inquiries for a chance to win the business, and get contracts out faster than ever before. And, of course, every event needs to be communicated precisely across all team members without missing a single detail.

A New Integration

To deliver on the speed and convenience required by today’s planners, Sertifi and Amadeus embarked on a new partnership. This year we integrated Sertifi Closing Pro and Closing Pro+ with the Advanced module of Amadeus Sales & Event Management for a streamlined user experience.

Now users of both solutions can quickly and securely collect signed contracts and guest payments online as well as send, track, and manage all eSignature and payment requests within one solution. Users can log into their sales and catering solution (one, tokenized interface) and access both tools for added convenience and time savings.

Access On-The-Go

Another key feature of the Advanced module of Amadeus Sales & Event Management is the web-based browser access, also available via mobile device. While some sales and catering solutions still require software installed on a computer, Amadeus enables its users to be on-the-go and make updates to events, bookings, and contacts wherever they are on their property or remotely.

That’s another reason Sertifi was the perfect partner for Amadeus. With emphasis on a frictionless experience, Sertifi understands that not only are planners traveling and requiring the ability to sign contracts and make payments from their mobile devices, but sales and catering team members also need the ability to access information at their fingertips to meet the expectations of planners.

Close 90% Faster

Your sales and catering solution should enable you to win more business and execute more events with precision. With Amadeus Sales & Event Management Advanced and Sertifi, you no longer have to follow your current manual process for sending PDFs back and forth; printing, then scanning and faxing documents that become illegible, and filing lots of paperwork. Your planners will respond faster when they don’t have to find a printer and a scanner, so you can close business faster and move on to your next prospective booking. Closing faster means saving time and creating more time for prospecting.

Between closing faster, having mobile access on-the-go, and saving sales and catering teams time, the new integration between Amadeus and Sertifi is an exciting addition to the Amadeus Sales & Event Management Advanced product platform. If you’re interested in learning more about the integration, you can visit the link below or stop by the Sertifi booth (#2003) at HITEC 2018 in Houston for a demo.