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Customer Success Corner | Kevin Benham

Customer Success Corner

What sets Sertifi’s Customer Success department apart from other b2b tech companies?

“Personal relationships is what really sets Sertifi apart. All Sertifi customers get a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This means quality service and speedy responses. Our goal as a team is to be proactive and recognize problems customers may face before the problem ever even occurs. The customer success focus is less on support and more on education. Of course we still provide support but the ideas to educate our customers so they are not frequently in positions where they will require support. We do this through training, regular communication and check-ins, and changing with changing companies in order to best identify how Sertifi fits into their workflows. A customer’s CSM will regularly check into the health of their accounts to ensure that their customers are getting the absolute most out of Sertifi!”

What’s your favorite part about working closely with customers?

“Other departments value our customers but they don’t get as many opportunities to really know them the way I do. I like interacting with our customers so I can learn their needs. I get to be a customer advocate within Sertifi and communicate those needs across the company to encourage important product development based on specific needs. The Customer Success Team liaising between customers and internal Sertifi departments is what makes Sertifi a company who puts customers first.”

You have not helped a customer succeed until..?

“I have not helped a customer succeed until they are an advocate of Sertifi. A successful Sertifi customer wants to talk about Sertifi to their friends and colleagues. Usage is the base level of success. It’s a good way for us to determine whether or not the customer is succeeding with the tool. My team’s goal is to make our users not just able to use Sertifi, but happy that they are using Sertifi.

What does our Customer Success Team do, and what does a typical day as the Director of Customer Success look like?

“Sertifi’s Customer Success Team is in charge of everything that occurs with a customer post sale. This includes on boarding, training, and ongoing support. A typical day in my role would include a lot of meeting both internally, with other departments such a sales and our tech team as well as externally, with customers. Internally, I act as the voice of our customers. I represent them and communicate thteir wants and needs when prioritizing release items and developing new features. The customer success team works closely together and shares customer feedback frequently as a means of being proactive with in our customer success efforts.”

What is your definition of a successful customer?

“The most important factor in making a new customer successful is product adoption. Product adoption is a term that describes how users within a company are taking to the tool. Are they using it frequently and well? Or are they trying to avoid it by still emailing contracts and collecting faxes? A fully integrated customer with healthy usage through their teams is an adopted customer. Ideally, customers will adopt the tool throughout their organization as opposed to focusing on adoption with just a few users. The Sertifi tool should be built into customers’ workflows or SOPs. Once a team is successfully using Sertifi, it is easy for them to find other uses for it and see the value in additional features available within the tool. The customer success team is tasked with ensuring customers become fully adopted so they can realize the value of their investment into Sertifi.”


Testimonials from Successful Customers

"Sertifi allows us to get back to what we do best which is being on the floor with our customers ensuring their events are an absolute success!"