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How to Spot Fraud on a Credit Card Authorization Form

Spotting fraudulent activity can sometimes feel like you’re staring at a visual illusion. At first glance, you probably won’t notice what’s hidden in the image, but after a while or with practice, you can start to see what else is there.

Just like there’s more to visual illusions than meets the eye, you can view credit card authorization forms with the same lens. Authorization forms are one way for fraudsters to commit fraudulent activity at hotels and other businesses. To an untrained eye, it’s easy to miss the tricks a fraudster might try.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of where fraudulent activity can occur on an authorization form!

Now that you know what type of information a fraudster might put on an authorization form, you can use this knowledge to empower your team so that they’re more equipped to spot potentially fraudulent activity! Consider including a section in your payment fraud strategy that highlights tactics a fraudster might use when submitting an authorization form.

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