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Is Contactless Check-in the Future of Hospitality?

Is your hotel providing a touchless experience for a new era of hospitality?

For many hotels, simply keeping their doors open has proved a challenge as they have been forced to deal with the fallout from COVID-19 and the halting of travel worldwide. With many staff members furloughed or laid off, hoteliers have needed to adapt and find a way to do more with less. 

Luckily, hoteliers have a popular source of technology they can tap into – mobile devices. 

Even before COVID-19 hit, hotels were looking to better connect with their increasingly mobile guests. Services such as mobile check-in were becoming a way to provide guests with a more modern and convenient experience.   

But with the onset of the pandemic, a trend that was slowly making its way into the hospitality world was suddenly catapulted to front and center. 

Practically overnight, touchless check-in capabilities went from a nice to have, to a must-have for hotels around the world.  

Hoteliers know that the cleanliness of their property and the overall wellbeing of their guests is the top priority. And to provide a truly safe experience, they must ensure that they have the proper technology to make social distancing a reality. 

Now, with hotels beginning to reopen, it’s crucial to get it right. Elevating the guest experience with touchless technology will not only create a more seamless experience but give guests peace of mind that their health is being taken care of.  

Guests can use their own mobile devices to check-in before their stay and can also make payments. This is especially important as touchless payments will be preferred over chip card readers and other methods that involve physical contact. 

Implementing touchless check-in will help hotel guests to feel safer in the current environment as well as in the future. Going forward, guests won’t want to wait in lines, and many people will prefer to limit their face-to-face interaction. Whether from a safety and wellbeing standpoint, or simply for the ease of skipping the wait and heading directly to their room, mobile check-in provides them greater comfort. 

Guests will begin to expect mobile check-in options for hospitality and travel and not offering the option could harm a hotel’s reputation, and lead to a loss of guests if they choose to go somewhere else instead. 

While mobile check-in may have started as a way to reduce administrative tasks, streamline workflows, and create a better and more convenient customer experience, those all are now added bonuses to something so much bigger. 

Limiting the exchange of documents, paper forms, credit cards, and physical contact are all critical in this time – and will remain so going forward. Contactless check-in will help ensure hotels can reopen safely and successfully.  

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