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Reasons Companies Switch to Sertifi

Whether our customers have switched to Sertifi from a messy, paper-based process or from the other guys who offer traditional eSignature solutions with less functionality and ignore the payment collection piece altogether, one thing is clear – our customers never look back.

What Makes Sertifi Different

We’re trusted by tens of thousands of users for our innovative technology, dedicated customer support, strong partner integrations, and straight-forward pricing. Let’s get started by diving into the first.

When it comes to closing business – the hard part should be making the sale, not wrapping it up. That’s why, at Sertifi, our goal is to make business frictionless. We enable companies to completely digitize the closing process, including the execution of contracts via eSignature and secure customer payments online. Busy employees aren’t the only ones who need convenience. Digital-hungry customers crave a convenient experience too.

With our PCI-compliant method of collecting customer payments online, we’re modernizing historically cumbersome and expensive payment processes around the world. Of course, sales teams love the streamlined process and they’re not the only ones! Sertifi is a solution that finance, accounting, security, and technology teams stand behind.

Its clear to see not only why our customers have upgraded to digital contract execution, but also why some customers have switched from other providers who are lacking the full-circle payment piece. Companies including Avalara, Armor, Appfolio, and have already made the switch. When you add our seamless integrations with companies like Zuora, Salesforce, Drawloop, and Conga to the equation, its a no brainer.