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The Average Cost of a Data Breach is $3.62 Million

Budget for an added layer of security

$3.62 million dollars is nothing to shrug off and, according to Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the probability that a company in the U.S. will experience a data breach involving a minimum of 10,000 records is 26.8%.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure that you’re not gambling with your company’s future? There are many pre-cautionary measures that security teams can take in order to help protect their guests’ payment data. Switching to Sertifi’s modern method of maintaining PCI compliance is among those measures.

Sertifi has your solution

Sertifi’s easy-to-use eSignature and payment collection solution is the efficient, digital, PCI-compliant way of collecting signed contracts and payments.

If you’re still collecting guest payment information via fax or email, it’s time to streamline your PCI-compliant processes with a secure, fully digital solution. The vast majority of data breaches that occurred in 2016 were malicious, financially-driven attacks. And the hackers aren’t discriminating against smaller businesses.

Verizon found that nearly two-thirds of data breach victims in this year’s report were businesses with under 1,000 employees. This means businesses at every level need to take the appropriate steps to ensure that guest payment information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t wait, let Sertifi help today

Sertifi’s Closing Pro+ and Sertifi’s eAuthorize solutions are just what you’re looking for to modernize and strengthen your methods of maintaining PCI compliance. We know that your valued guests and their security is of the highest importance. With Sertifi, you can start collecting signed agreements via eSignature and secure payments online – all within minutes! Guests and employees love the new convenience.