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LBA Celebrates an Extra Level of Security

Business Challenge

LBA Hospitality is a hotel management company, overseeing 65 properties from a variety of top hotel brands. With LBA’s growing book of business and representation of industry-leading brands, its desire to provide quality guest experiences every time is what sets the company apart from the rest.

LBA was using a manual process for executing contracts and BEOs. Sales teams would draw up a contract, send it via email, and request that the guest print, sign, and scan the contract back. One challenge with this process was the inconvenience for their busy, on-the-go guests who didn’t have time to find a printer, much less a scanner or a fax machine!

With the knowledge that their process for executing contracts and BEOs was not ideal, LBA sought out a solution to automate its business processes. LBA’s commitment of exceeding guest expectations is among the many reasons why the company made the choice to sign on for frictionless business with Sertifi.

Sertifi Solution

In June 2016, LBA launched Sertifi at a few hotel properties as a pilot program. Shortly after, it was clear for LBA that Sertifi was the perfect fit. By early March, LBA implemented Sertifi as a company-wide solution. Today, sales directors at all 65 properties are using Sertifi to eliminate the complications associated with physical paperwork out of their day-to-day operations.

Guests now receive an email directing them to easily sign and submit their rooms agreement or payment information online. Sertifi offers LBA custom branding opportunities which allows individual properties to use the appropriate logo and messaging. Once the email request for eSignature is received, guests are guided step-by-step to required fields, ensuring all data is entered and sales directors are notified of activities along the way. This means no more incomplete forms! Once the documents have been signed, finalized PDFs of the contracts and/or BEOs are sent out to everyone via email.

LBA properties can set up and schedule automatic notifications within Sertifi to politely remind guests of documents awaiting eSignature. Sertifi also offers LBA employees and their guests the ability to communicate in real time within the same area where guests sign and pay. The new process takes minutes for guests to complete!

The Results

Now that LBA is using Sertifi, the amount of time it takes for a contract to be signed has been reduced from an average of 2 – 3 days to just a few hours and guest convenience is at an all-time high.

“Sertifi makes LBA a company that’s easier to do business with, especially in today’s digital age,” says Judy Cluck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

What matters most to LBA, though, is the security and convenience that Sertifi provides for their guests. “We follow PCI to the letter,” Cluck says. With Sertifi, LBA can celebrate an added level of security, further enhancing their PCI compliance.

Additional benefits include properties cutting excessive costs of paper and ink, significantly reducing the administrative work that takes time away from creating memorable guest experiences, and having in-depth visibility of sales performance with advanced reporting capabilities.

About LBA Hospitality

Founded in 1973, LBA Hospitality is a full-scale hotel management, development and consulting firm. With more than 65 properties in 10 states, LBA Hospitality is the premier hotel operator and developer for the Southeast. For more information, visit

“Sertifi makes LBA a company that’s easier to do business with, especially in today’s digital age”

VP of Sales and Marketing, LBA Hospitality