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Reduces Time to Close by 50% & Automates Service Delivery

Business Challenge

For Millennium Systems International (Millennium S.I.), helping clients grow their business is always top priority. With this goal in mind, they sought out technology to help them improve efficiency and enhance security and compliance. With 140 employees using 15 to 20 different applications across 12 departments, Millennium S.I. knew that internal, homegrown applications and disjointed third-party systems weren’t the answer. The tools in place were simply too manual and cumbersome, delaying sales close times and disrupting the onboarding process.

“There was a significant time lapse between the time the client purchased one of our applications and the commencement of service delivery,” said Millennium S.I.’s VP of Operations, Matthew Scudder.

The tedious process consisted of using QuickBooks to generate PDFs and sales representatives uploading them into DocuSign’s portal for completion. Once executed, sales representatives were required to re-key data back into the system. Major issues included:

  • Security around sensitive payment data – with DocuSign, payment information was exposed, requiring additional security and compliance steps.
  • Manual administrative tasks – leading to human error such as re-keying data, missing paperwork, etc.
  • Onboarding delays from 1 hour to 72 hours – while Sales closed deals around the clock, Accounting could only initiate onboarding during business hours.

The Sertifi Solution

Millennium S.I. turned to Zuora to accommodate its billing and subscription needs. With Zuora and Salesforce’s tight integration, selecting Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud was a no-brainer. A Forefront consultant then recommended Drawloop for document generation. However, there was still a missing piece – validating and processing client payments during onboarding. That’s where Sertifi comes in.

Today, sales representatives use Zuora to prepare Z-Quotes, generated by Drawloop, and send for execution via Sertifi. The unique Zuora and Sertifi integration allows clients to not only apply an eSignature and complete required fields, but also input payment data directly within the Z-Quote. The Z-Quote is then sent to Z-Billing automatically for processing, kicking off vital workflows for the implementation team.

View an On-Demand Demonstration of the Sertifi for Zuora Integration

The Results

Since implementing these technology changes, Millennium S.I. has grown substantially and reports record-breaking profits each year. Within that same time frame, the company reduced the time it takes to close deals by 50% and eliminated all administrative work for sales representatives. The time saved equates to one extra business day per month for each sales representative, increasing pipeline efficiency and allowing more time to focus on activities that impact revenue. Now, the company is 10x more operationally sound and enjoys zero client onboarding delays.

“We’ve done a lot more than increase sales; we’ve significantly increased the quality of our service delivery and, for us, that’s even more meaningful!” said Scudder.

We’ve integrated Sertifi with Zuora’s hosted payment technology so subscription businesses can collect eSignatures and payments from customers faster.

With Sertifi for Zuora, subscription-based businesses can collect eSignatures and payments from customers faster. Do you want to learn more about the Sertifi integration with Zuora? Contact us today.

About Millennium Systems International

Millennium Systems International is a privately held company (based out of Parsippany, NJ) that provides business management software and growth strategies to the Beauty and Wellness industries. Since 1987, the company has built a reputation for producing high-quality, award-winning applications. Its commitment to delivering excellent customer services has contributed to its ongoing success. The combination of unparalleled industry experience and comprehensive research and development has brought Millennium S.I. to the forefront.

“The tight integration of Zuora, Salesforce, Drawloop, and Sertifi created a turnkey solution for us, transforming the way we close deals and onboard clients.”

VP of Operations, Millennium S.I.