Convene Expands Frictionless Business Company-Wide Following Big Acquisition

Main Challenges

  • Employees allocating too much time towards administrative tasks
  • Company on the verge of increasing headcount to keep up with demand
  • 3 additional days were required just to process credit card information

Cue Frictionless Business

  • Convene acquires The Hub and expands Sertifi to all existing properties
  • Integrations with Amadeus Hospitality’s Sales & Event Management Advanced Solution
  • A secure and modern method of maintaining PCI compliance

The Proof is in the Productivity

  • Signed contracts and event deposits are collected within 6 hours 50 minutes, on average
  • Credit cards are processed with zero mistakes
  • Revenue is recognized right away enabling Convene to better forecast inventory

Business Challenge

In February of 2016, Convene Conference Centers acquired The Hub – Sertifi’s first customer to utilize its traditional eSignature technology coupled with easy, online payment capabilities. Prior to the acquisition, The Hub needed an efficient contract and payment process as well as a greener, more sustainable solution to reduce paper consumption and expensive storage challenges. Employees were allocating too much time toward administrative tasks. The company was on the verge of increasing its headcount to keep up with the high demands.


Before Sertifi, it took The Hub 3 additional days to process credit cards for the deposit. Operations would charge the remaining balance prior to every event. Each transaction required the re-keying of data, allowing for human error. Operations would then store and send final invoices to customers.


Separately, Convene was experiencing similar struggles. Convene was also previously using an inconvenient, time-consuming paper method to collect eSignatures and credit card authorizations.

Sertifi Solution

The Hub selected Sertifi for its ease of use; its ability to quickly capture signatures and payments in one integrated customer experience; and its modern approach of adhering to PCI regulations.


Due to the success and the excellent business relationship that The Hub experienced with Sertifi prior to the acquisition, Convene made the decision to adopt Sertifi and expand the tool to their already existing locations. Through the acquisition, Convene was able to achieve their goal of switching from a slow, messy paper process to combined eSignature and online payments.


Today, Convene uses Sertifi within Amadeus Hospitality‘s Sales & Event Management’s Advanced solution (formally known as Delphi.fdc) to send eSignature and event deposit requests to customers. Customers can electronically sign and complete payments online within seconds! Once Convene electronically countersigns, executed contracts are automatically stored within the Amadeus system and emailed to customers.


Sertifi has partnerships with many leading payment gateway companies, including Merchant Link. Convene uses the Sertifi-Merchant Link integration to collect and process credit card payments in a PCI-compliant manner using advanced tokenization, allowing the company to no longer manually charge credit cards before events.

The Results

With Sertifi, Convene’s top-performing locations collect signed contracts and event deposits within an average of 6 hours and 50 minutes. The company collects all payments in an automated, PCI-compliant manner with zero processing mistakes, greatly increasing security and protection of sensitive cardholder data.


Another benefit Convene has noted from using Sertifi is the improved ability to quickly recognize revenue. “From a revenue perspective, we have greater visibility because we’re getting those customer payments in right away!” says Vincent Esterly, Director of Project & System Operations at Convene. Now, Convene can better forecast inventory.


Due to the reduction of administrative tasks, Convene gains valuable hours for productivity each month, allowing more time for enhancing customer experiences and other revenue-generating activities. Employees focus on activities that develop their professional skill set as well as improve overall customer satisfaction.

“From a revenue perspective, we have greater visibility because we’re getting those customer payments in right away!”


About Convene

Headquartered in New York City, Convene was recently named by Forbes as one of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies and by Inc. as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Convene manages and operates meeting space venues in Washington DC, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. More locations in more cities are soon to come!