Dolce Hotel Allows Sales and Catering to Close 96% Faster

Business Challenge

Dolce Hayes Mansion is recognized around the world for its ideal meeting venue and conference center, with 33,000 square feet of meeting space and a unique setting for events. Before Sertifi, Dolce faced many issues involving its sales process for corporate events, weddings, and other special events:

  • Slow Sales Process – It took about five days to collect & store contracts. Sales would email a password-protected Word document to a potential customer. They would then redline the contract for changes. Once approved, they would sign and fax back for countersignature.
  • Delayed Payments – Once contracts were fully executed, Room Coordinators were responsible for calling customers to obtain payment. On average, it would take more than two call attempts before actually collecting the payment and re-keying cardholder data into Opera. Payments weren’t collected until three or more days later.
  • Limited Visibility of Deal Status – Sales would manually search by contact numbers within their email to provide updates, making tracking and managing time consuming. This inefficient process lacked visibility across the entire team as well as other departments.

Sertifi Solution

Dolce launched Sertifi, an integrated eSignature and payment solution, to automate the last mile of its sales process. With Sertifi, Dolce can now send contracts for signature and payment to potential customers within seconds. Customers receive a Dolce-branded email requesting them to sign and pay at once. Signed contracts are automatically routed back to Dolce for countersignature. Sertifi integrated Merchant Link’s processing payment gateway into its solution, enabling credit card transactions to be processed in a PCI-compliant manner. Sales utilizes Sertifi’s reporting capabilities to quickly determine which contracts need signature, and any awaiting payments.

“Sertifi allows our Sales & Catering group to collect signed contracts 96% faster and capture customer payments within one day!”


The Results

Sertifi allows Dolce to securely collect contracts and customer payments faster. Since implementing the solution, Dolce has gained the following benefits:

  • Collects signed contracts within 12 hours – allows customers to sign anywhere, anytime, which speeds the contract retrieval time by 96%.
  • Adheres to PCI Security Standards – all payments are processed in a PCI-compliant manner, increasing cardholder protection and reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Recognizes revenue faster with scheduled payments – captures deposits within one day and schedules all future customer payments. Eliminates follow-up calls requesting payment and credit card authorization forms.
  • Ability to track & manage across multiple departments – Sales has insight into deals for the entire team and can quickly run sales reports. Accounting also uses Sertifi to run insightful reports.

About Dolce Hotels & Resorts

Dolce Hotels & Resorts was founded with a specific vision – to create inspiring environments that bring people together. From inception in 1981 to being considered a leading company in hospitality management, the company strives to assure that every detail is covered – so all guests are rewarded. The company does this with the help of more than 4,000 employees working at 23 properties worldwide – all with the common goal as their focus.