JQH Reduces Turnaround Time for Meetings and Events

Business Challenge

In addition to hotels, John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts has convention centers, golf courses, entertainment venues, and spas for hosting meetings and events. To book events, JQH requires clients to sign sales contracts and BEOs, as well as submit event deposits and payments.

Prior to using Sertifi, JQH emailed PDF agreements to clients for signature. Clients were forced to print, sign, scan and email agreements back. This tedious process took days for JQH to receive fully executed agreements. Snail mail would take days longer! Another obstacle JQH faced was getting multiple BEOs signed for one event. Large events sometimes required up to 85 BEOs! With the pen-to-paper process, it was impossible to collect a client’s signature 85 times.

JQH longed for a solution that would automate these business processes while reducing its PCI liability and risk.

Sertifi Solution

JQH introduced the Sertifi solution in 2014. Today, 18 JQH properties utilize Sertifi to collect signed agreements for meetings and events. For properties using Sertifi payments, JQH has two methods for capturing customer payments:

Clients can sign and pay online in the same interaction using the Sertifi and Merchant Link integration. No one within JQH has access to the credit card data. JQH uses Sertifi to schedule future deposits. Both Sales and Accounting use Sertifi for reporting on payments. Accounting uses Merchant Link Reporting for end-of-the-day reports and to create an entry into the property’s PMS system.

For large, repeat customers where JQH doesn’t require payment upfront, clients sign and submit credit card authorization forms online. When completing the credit card authorization form, clients see the credit card data. However, once submitted, numbers are masked and only accessible by the property’s Accounting Director. Accounting is automatically alerted when agreements are signed, and bills post-departure.

Looking ahead, JQH plans to implement Sertifi payments across their portfolio.

“Sertifi has reduced the time it takes to get agreements signed from three days to just 11 hours. We’ve limited client credit card data access to only our Accounting Director. In most cases, no one has access since it’s never stored!”

The Results

As turnaround time is crucial to the meeting and events business, JQH was able to reduce the time it takes to get agreements signed from an average of three days to just 11 hours! Clients love the new signing and paying process. With Sertifi, JQH’s inventory is locked in sooner which means the company is able to make smarter business decisions and price inventory accordingly to availability and demand.

With Sertifi, credit card data is either no longer in the hands of JQH employees, or access is limited to only one authorized person. This greatly heightens security and reduces PCI liability and risk. JQH employees save time by using Sertifi features for automatic emails reminding clients to sign and pay, and generating payment receipts.

About JQH

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