Sertifi | Hyatt Hits a Home Run Closing Deals 250 Perecent Faster with Sertifi
With Sertifi, Hyatt has eliminated the mundane administrative tasks of contract and payment execution. Hyatt colleagues no longer spend 30% of their valuable time chasing paperwork. Sertifi cuts this number in half, allowing sales and events teams to dedicate more time to what matters most –ensuring that guest events are top notch.
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Customer Success Story | Hyatt Hotels Corporation

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation Hits a Home Run with Sertifi's Frictionless Business

Contracts are received 250% faster than with the previous paper method

Maintaining PCI compliance is modernized and simplified

Guests no longer need to track down a fax machine to submit payments

Time wasted on administrative tasks is cut from 30% to 15%

Advanced reporting allows Hyatt to recognize revenue more quickly

Sales and Events teams are able to focus their time on what they do best - servicing their guests