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The Authorization Platform

Improve workflows, secure processes, send and receive payment authorizations.

Improve workflows by digitally sending and receiving payment authorizations via Sertifi’s eAuthorizations solution and eConfirmations Network. Our streamlined workflow solutions reduce the risk of fraud, enhance PCI compliance and validate users all while providing a consistent customer experience.

Enhance security & PCI compliance

With paper authorization forms floating around the office, your PCI liability and risk is simply too great. Boost security and compliance to help protect yourself and your customers from credit card data breaches. The Authorization Platform provides the same security levels as the Agreement platform and helps properties reduce the potential for costly chargebacks via our Advanced Fraud Tools features.

Automate processes & improve your bottom line

Your time is valuable, and manual processes slow you down. The Authorization Platform automates cumbersome paper processes and allows more time for genuine productivity. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time on revenue generating activities that will boost your bottom line. Automation also allows properties to ensure consistent secure processes and helps teams get more done with less resources available.

Provide peace of mind

Enable customers to effortlessly submit payment details online with peace of mind. This means you won't disrupt their always-on-the-go, paper-free lifestyle. Customers can submit payment details anywhere, anytime, on any Internet-enabled device.

Offer a seamless payment journey

Sertifi eConfirmations ensures travel companies can successfully send virtual card or corporate card payments directly to travel suppliers, enabling a smooth and hassle-free payment experience.

Secure technology for safe payment capture

A smooth, connected, and fully digital process enables you to capture payment data safely. Payments are tokenized for future billing needs. Collect data and bill customers with the utmost security so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Less paper, more trees

Fully digitize credit card authorization forms and free yourself of paper build-up in the office. Go paperless while saving trees and money on paper-based processes such as ink, fax machines, and on-site document storage.

"It’s been more user friendly. Being able to process everything through a website is a real benefit to our guests rather than having to print and sign authorization forms. It’s created time savings and ease of use for our customers, and that has greatly increased the turnaround time. It would take about a week, and now it’s only a couple of days!"


"Sertifi eAuthorizations is very welcoming for both our guests and agents. Guests are more willing to complete these forms online than with paper."


"We want all guests to feel safe in all aspects during their stay with us and this includes their reservation and payment processes."



Validate Payments in Real Time

Digitize your credit card authorization process and securely and efficiently collect credit card authorization forms.Cards are verified and collected in a secure, PCI-compliant process and your customers receive a completely branded experience using your company logo and branding. At the time of online capture, the card is instantly verified. The authorization form is secure and the payment is tokenized. Not to mention, the mobile-friendly view makes it a breeze for a customer to complete on the fly. Our motto: anywhere, anytime, any device.

User management tools and permissions include two-factor authentication, IP address restrictions, and a complete audit trail of payment data. Seamless integrations are available to push data directly into the world’s leading billing systems, PMS systems like Oracle Hospitality OPERA, and other back-end systems for future billing. Accounting and Finance groups everywhere thrive using Sertifi eAuthorizations because it streamlines business processes, and they gain extra time by utilizing automatic reminders and notifications and easy-to-use reporting tools.

Sertifi is a validated PCI compliance level 1 service provider. Our solution has been independently verified for PCI level 1 compliance by a PCI Security Standards Council Qualified Security Assessor.

  • User-Friendly Portal to Send, Track, Manage, & Report
  • Unlimited eSignatures, Any Type of Document
  • Shared Document Library
  • 5 Users (Senders, Option to Add More)
  • Custom Branding – Use Your Logo & Branding
  • User Administration & Permissions
  • Collaboration Features
  • Secure Document Storage for Up to 1 Year (Extended Storage Available)
  • Add-On: Integrations with
    • Salesforce
    • Salesforce Billing
    • Amadeus Hospitality’s Sales & Event Management Advanced
    • Zuora
    • Conga
    • Drawloop

Contactless Check-in Capabilities

Welcome your guests to your hotel with the confidence of a safe, secure, and convenient stay. Every time. Through eAuthorizations’ eCheck-in capabilities, you can offer a touchless way for guests to check-in prior to their stay.


Power Seamless Payment Delivery

The eConfirmations Network allows the entire third party travel ecosystem to securely send confirmation and payment details to properties, eliminating paper waste and missed contracts.

eConfirmations powers seamless B2B payment delivery between travel companies – such as travel management companies (TMCs), virtual card providers – and travel suppliers, particularly hotels. Travel companies can successfully send virtual card or corporate card payments directly to travel suppliers, ensuring smooth and hassle-free payment experiences for corporate travelers.

All payment data is tokenized and transferred in a PCI compliant manner. The travel supplier instantly receives an email notifying them of payment delivery. At this time, the travel supplier can securely retrieve payment data through their very own Sertifi Portal using a two-step authentication process. Furthermore, if the travel supplier is a hotel property and uses OPERA Oracle Hospitality, Sertifi can seamlessly push the payment data and booking details directly into the Reservation within the property management system (PMS).

For more informational on our eConfirmations API, visit our Developer Center.

Who Benefits from the Solution?

A quick, secure, and hassle-free way for travel companies, including TMCs, to send virtual card and corporate card payments directly from their booking platform to travel suppliers, such as hotels.

  • Successful payment delivery, (including payment instructions and essential traveler data)
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve client experiences

Drive virtual card usage by ensuring travel companies can successfully deliver virtual cards and the required payment instructions to travel suppliers for bookings.

  • Successful virtual payment delivery
  • Increase virtual card transactions
  • Enhance relationships with travel partners

A standardized way to quickly and securely receive payments for corporate bookings from travel companies.

  • Successful payment delivery, (including payment instructions and essential traveler data)
  • Increase travel bookings
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure smooth business traveler experiences

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Advanced Fraud Tools

Prevent Payment Fraud Before It Happens

Sertifi eAuthorizations includes Advanced Fraud Tools, AI-driven fraud detection to enhance existing fraud prevention methods. Empower your team to protect your business against payment fraud by providing an additional layer of defense that can prevent the acceptance of transactions that may lead to chargebacks.

Using a combination of AI and data analysis, Advanced Fraud Tools use data from the user and the credit card to assess if a transaction is fraudulent. The Sertifi user receives a risk analysis score based on different variables which can be used to assist in choosing whether to proceed with a transaction.

Advanced Fraud Tools assesses various data points including, card details, name, payer IP address, email, physical address, billing address, user device, AVS/CVV verification, and more.