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Keep Payments Better Organized with Sertifi’s OHIP OPERA Cloud Integration

Getting payment details into OPERA Cloud has never been easier. Sertifi's new Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) integrations to OPERA Cloud automatically and securely transfer data for any payment type, regardless of guest reservation status, straight to OPERA Cloud.

Save time with automatic, secure data transfers between Sertifi and OPERA. 

Reduce the risk of errors that come with manual data entry.  

Get event deposits and final payments back 90% faster.  

Make your migration to OPERA Cloud one step easier.  


How the Integration Works

A Better Experience for Guests

Our PCI-compliant platform allows clients to respond to your payment requests conveniently online. 

A Better Experience for You

Once a payment is submitted via Sertifi, the transaction will be posted to the reservation in OPERA Cloud, regardless of guest check-in status. Staff will see payments on the deposits and cancellations ledger before check-in, then on the guest ledger at the time of arrival.

Authorizing a card first? Sertifi can also securely push authorization form details and card information to the reservation. A payment method is also created in OPERA Cloud, so staff can charge the authorized card at a later date.

For a deeper look at the workflow, check out our guide here



Sertifi OHIP OPERA Cloud Integrations for Sales & Events

Thursday, August 15 | 11:00 - 11:45 A.M. ET (3:00 P.M. GMT)

Join us to see the workflow live and get all your questions answered by our OPERA integration experts.

Meet Your Integration Experts

New to Sertifi?

Complete the form to contact our team and get started.

Already have a Sertifi portal with the OPERA OWS integration enabled?

If you'd like to switch to OPERA Cloud via OHIP, please complete the form to connect with your Sertifi account manager.

Faster Setup

For the OPERA Cloud OHIP integration, Oracle does not bill users directly, so Sertifi will handle your new agreement and pricing, making it easier for you to take advantage of OPERA Cloud.

Simpler Pricing

Sertifi offers fixed (not transactional) pricing based on property size, helping you lower your overall usage fees. Even more savings will apply if you’re already using our OPERA OWS integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

The OPERA Cloud integration for authorizations will be available summer 2024. Please use the form on this page to contact us and get started. 

To take advantage of the integration, Sertifi customers must have their own OPERA Cloud license.

This varies by brand. Please get in touch with your primary brand contact to learn more. 

Once you license the new integration, we will need some basic information about your OPERA Cloud instance. Once you're set up by our implementation team, you can begin using the integration immediately. Here is the template for you to see what kind of information is required.

Sending a token is based solely on if the gateway is supported by Oracle. The following gateways are supported: 

  • Shift4 
  • FreedomPay 
  • Elevon (Converge) 
  • SertifiPay (Stripe) – ACH only

Yes - there is an additional integration available for authorizations, designed for reservation teams. Please let us know if you’re interested in using both integrations, and we will send you an agreement and pricing for each.

Yes, we still offer our standard OPERA PMS integrations. That said, Oracle no longer supports these integrations and the use of OPERA Web Services, so we won’t be able to update these integrations.