Sertifi | Webinar Invite: How to Integrate Zuora Payments into Your Contract Process
Sertifi is the leader in Frictionless Business, with innovative solutions for modernizing the last mile of the sales process. The company offers the fastest and most secure way to close business, from eSignatures to online payment capture. Thousands of companies around the world trust Sertifi to close more deals faster, recognize revenue quickly, enhance security and compliance, and go completely paperless.
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Webinar Invite: How to Integrate Zuora Payments into Your Contract Process

  |   Webinar

Zuora and Sertifi partner to provide the first and only integration with the ability to embed Zuora’s hosted payment page directly inside your sales contracts. “What does this mean for me?” Your customers can electronically sign contracts and submit payment at the same time. This integrated customer experience significantly speeds the time it takes to close deals.

Sign up for our 30-minute webinar being held on Wednesday, Nov. 11th at 3 p.m. CST. The webinar is complimentary for attendees. We’ll also be giving away a $100 Visa gift card.

Webinar Agenda: 

  • Who is Sertifi? Zuora & Sertifi Partnership
  • LIVE Customer Testimonial – Belly Card
  • How Integration Works
  • FAQ Session and Attendee Giveaway of $100 Visa Card

Here’s what your customers could experience when signing & paying! It’s quick. It’s easy.

Zuora and Sertifi - Integrated Contract