Sertifi API Web Service
Request (AddDocumentToRequestSoapIn)

The request body is of type AddDocumentToRequest.

Uploads a document to Sertifi and adds it to a specified file.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
pstr_APICodeThe API code of the site.  This can be found through your Sertifi web interface under Administration -> Account Settings.(undefined)
pstr_FileIDThe ID of the file you want to add the document to.xml:string
pbyt_FileThe document you wish to add to the file.xml:base64Binary
pstr_FileNameThe uploaded file's name.xml:string
pstr_TitleThe name you'd like the document to have in the file.xml:string
pstr_XmlPrefill data in XML format.xml:string
pstr_Xml Element pstr_Title Element pstr_FileName Element pbyt_File Element pstr_FileID Element pstr_APICode Element Sequence AddDocumentToRequest Element
Response (AddDocumentToRequestSoapOut)

The response body is of type AddDocumentToRequestResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
AddDocumentToRequestResultReturns "SUCESS" or an error message.xml:string
AddDocumentToRequestResult Element Sequence AddDocumentToRequestResponse Element

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap12:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""
       <AddDocumentToRequest xmlns="">
<pstr_Xml><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <field Name="Requisition_PositionTitle" Text="Dave Test Sertifi Old"/>
  <field Name="Requisition_HiringStartDate" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Requisition_EndDate" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Requisition_HiringManager" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Requisition_Recruiter" Text="Administrator Luceo"/>
  <field Name="Requisition_EmploymentType" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Requisition_CompensationBase" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Requisition_CompensationBonus" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Candidate_LastName" Text="LUISSINT"/>
  <field Name="Candidate_FirstName" Text="DIDIER"/>
  <field Name="Candidate_PreferredName" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Candidate_AddressLine1" Text="10, Place André Malraux"/>
  <field Name="Candidate_AddressLine2" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Candidate_City" Text="VILLENEUVE-LA-GARENNE"/>
  <field Name="Candidate_State" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Candidate_Zip" Text="92390"/>
  <field Name="Candidate_Email" Text="cand[email protected]"/>
  <field Name="Candidate_HomePhone" Text=""/>
  <field Name="Candidate_MobilePhone" Text=""/>
<pstr_Title>sertif test molly 2.pdf</pstr_Title>
<pbyt_File>JVBERi[...This is a very long string which represents a base64 encoded pdf document...]I0NzQNCiUlRU9GDQo=</pbyt_File>



Common Error messages include:
"ERROR: Invalid API Code"
"ERROR: Title cannot be empty or null"
"ERROR: Title cannot be exceed 100 characters" 
"ERROR: You are attempting to upload a null referenced byte array" "ERROR: You are attempting to upload a zero-length file" "ERROR: pstr_FileName parameter is an invalid." "ERROR: pstr_FileName parameter cannot exceed length of 100 characters." "ERROR: pstr_FileName parameter is an invalid."
"ERROR: File could not be accessed"
"ERROR: Room Expired"
"ERROR: Not enough licenses available to upload this document"

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