Sertifi API Web Service
Adds a pdf from your Sertifi document library to an existing file.  Includes prefill xml data that will be added to the document when signing.
Request (AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequestSoapIn)

The request body is of type AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequest.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
pstr_APICodeThe API code of the site.  This can be found through your Sertifi web interface under Administration -> Account Settings.xml:string
pstr_FileIDThe ID of the File you want to add the document toxml:string
pstr_PdfIDThe Id of the document in your Sertifi document library.xml:string
pstr_TitleThe title to display for the document in the File.xml:string
pstr_XmlPrefill XML for the pdf being uploaded.xml:string
pstr_Xml Element pstr_Title Element pstr_PdfID Element pstr_FileID Element pstr_APICode Element Sequence AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequest Element
Response (AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequestSoapOut)

The response body is of type AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequestResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequestResult"Success" or an error message.xml:string
AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequestResult Element Sequence AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequestResponse Element

Common errors include but not limited to:
"ERROR: Invalid API Code"
"ERROR: Title cannot be empty or null"
"ERROR: Title cannot be exceed 100 characters"
"ERROR: File could not be accessed"
"ERROR: Room Expired"
"ERROR: Form could not be accessed"
"ERROR: Not enough licenses available to upload this document"
"ERROR: Could not load form"
"ERROR: Could not add form to the file."

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