Sertifi API Web Service
Creates a payment item in a file.
Request (CreatePaymentSoapIn)

The request body is of type CreatePayment.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
p_APICodeThe API code of the site.  This can be found through your Sertifi web interface under Administration -> Account Settings.xml:string
p_FileIDThe id of the relevant file.xml:string
amountThe amount for the payment (1 period/decimal point and no commas allowed.)xml:decimal
descriptionThe name of the payment that signers see.xml:string
recurrenceThe interval at which the payment gets charged.PaymentReccurence
datePaymentDuedate in yyyy-MM-dd formatxml:string
operationWhether this will charge a card, 'Pay', or just authorise the card, 'Authorize'.PaymentOperationType
xmlContentAn XML document specifying billing details of the payment.xml:string
usePaymentRulesShould this payment abide by the site's overall payment requirements?xml:boolean
usePaymentRules Element xmlContent Element operation Element datePaymentDue Element recurrence Element description Element amount Element p_FileID Element p_APICode Element Sequence CreatePayment Element
Response (CreatePaymentSoapOut)

The response body is of type CreatePaymentResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
CreatePaymentResultpayment id or error message.xml:string
CreatePaymentResult Element Sequence CreatePaymentResponse Element
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ser="">
         <ser:description>Dave's bill</ser:description>
         <ser:xmlContent><![cdata[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
               <parameter name="billingname" value="Sertifi Test" />
               <parameter name="billingaddress1" value="123 Test Ave" />
               <parameter name="billingaddress2" value="Apt 2R" />
               <parameter name="billingcity" value="Test City/>
               <parameter name="billingstate" value="IL" />
               <parameter name="billingzipcode" value="60654" />
               <parameter name="billingcountry" value="USA" />
               <parameter name="payeremail" value="[email protected]" />
               <parameter name="allowedpaymethods" value="cc" />

Common error messages:
"ERROR: Invalid API Code"
"ERROR: Payments are not enabled for this account."
"ERROR: File could not be accessed"
"ERROR: Payments can no longer be added to this file."
"ERROR: Could not save payment"

Values for AllowedPaymentMethods:
"SEPA", "banktransfer", "ach", "ach,cc", "all"

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