Sertifi API Web Service
Request (CreateSignatureRequestSoapIn)

The request body is of type CreateSignatureRequest.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
Site API CodeThe API code of the site.  This can be found through your Sertifi web interface under Administration -> Account Settings.(undefined)
Sender's Email AddressThe email address of the user that will have ownership of the created file.(undefined)
Sender's Name

The name on invite emails and the first Stream comment.

Maximum of 32 characters.  If it contains a space there's a maximum of 32 characters before and 32 characters after the first space.

File NameThe name given to a file which gets displayed when using the web interface.(undefined)
Signer Email AddressesComma seperated list of email addresses that will be the first group of customers to be asked to sign.(undefined)
Second Signer Email AddressesComma seperated list of email addresses that will only be invited to sign after all signers in the first group have signed.(undefined)
Carbon Copy Email AddressesComma seperated list of email addresses that will receive notifiacations of file activity however not be required to sign any documents.(undefined)
pstr_CosignDepreciated and disconnected.  Continues to exist so legacy implementations of our API continue to work.xml:string

How the signer should sign the document.  "elec" for electronically, "fax" using fax, else sign electronically or by fax.  (If neither "elec" nor "fax" is selected, both options are available.)

pstr_PasswordPassword protecting the file from access by other users.xml:string

The Label that will go into a text field that will appear beneath a large signature stamp.  If no entry is made here, the field will not appear.  The field will be required in order to sign.

Examples include "Title" and "Company"

pstr_Field2A second field that acts like pstr_Field1.xml:string
pstr_Field3A third field that acts like pstr_Field1.xml:string
pstr_Field4A fourth field that acts like pstr_Field1, except it has more room for text to be entered into it.xml:string
pstr_EmailMessageThe message to replace {EmailCaption} in email templates and appear as the first comment on the Stream page.xml:string
pstr_EmailMessage Element pstr_Field4 Element pstr_Field3 Element pstr_Field2 Element pstr_Field1 Element pstr_Password Element pstr_SignType Element pstr_Cosign Element pstr_CCs Element pstr_SecondSigners Element pstr_Signers Element pstr_FileName Element pstr_SenderName Element pstr_SenderEmail Element pstr_APICode Element Sequence CreateSignatureRequest Element
Response (CreateSignatureRequestSoapOut)

The response body is of type CreateSignatureRequestResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
Success or Error MessageThe Web Service will either return the fileId as a string if successful or "ERROR: <Error Message>" if there was an error with the request.(undefined)
CreateSignatureRequestResult Element Sequence CreateSignatureRequestResponse Element

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ser="">
         <ser:pstr_SenderEmail>[email protected]</ser:pstr_SenderEmail>
         <ser:pstr_SenderName>Owner Name</ser:pstr_SenderName>
         <ser:pstr_FileName>The name signers see on the file</ser:pstr_FileName>
         <ser:pstr_Signers>[email protected],[email protected]</ser:pstr_Signers>
         <ser:pstr_SecondSigners>[email protected],[email protected]</ser:pstr_SecondSigners>
         <ser:pstr_CCs>[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]</ser:pstr_CCs>
         <ser:pstr_Field4>Plan for world domination</ser:pstr_Field4>
         <ser:pstr_EmailMessage>Welcome to Sertifi, eDocument signing solution of the future!</ser:pstr_EmailMessage>


Common error messages include:
"ERROR: Invalid API Code"
"ERROR: Filename cannot be empty or null"
"ERROR: Password cannot be exceed 50 characters"
"ERROR: Invalid sender email"
"ERROR: Invalid sender email: ..."
"ERROR: pstr_Signers is invalid" (there must be at least 1 signer)
"ERROR: pstr_Signers is invalid: ..."
"ERROR: pstr_CCs is invalid: ..."
"ERROR: pstr_SecondSigners is invalid: ..." "ERROR: No. of total signers in the room can not be more than 24."

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