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Sertifi's Ultimate Hotel Fraud and Chargeback Prevention Toolkit

We've compiled our top resources to help you stay ahead of fraud and chargebacks.


Reducing the Risk and Impact of Chargebacks

We cover all the best practices and Sertifi tips you need to bolster your fraud and chargeback prevention strategy, including a walkthrough of our card authorization fraud tools and how to securely process eCommerce transactions in Sertifi.

We've also compiled these learnings into online guide for easy reading.

Sertifi for Card Processing

Simplify selling by electronically capturing payments and agreement e-signatures from one secure platform. Behind the scenes, SertifiPay processes payments in a fast, PCI-compliant manner at a lower cost to you.

Are You Handling Card-Not-Present Transactions Correctly?

If you're key-entering cards at your front desk, you're not only susceptible to higher processing fees as a penalty. You also make it much harder to defend yourself in chargeback cases on legitimate transactions.

Sertifi for Credit Card Authorizations

Our PCI-compliant credit card authorization solution is the easiest, most secure way to finalize forms with your guests. Aside from getting forms back 90% faster, our advanced fraud detection tools help you verify cards so you know which ones are safe to proceed with.

Spotting Fraud on Your Hotel CC Auth Form

Your hotel credit card authorization form can give you several clues you're dealing with a fraudster instead of a legitimate guest. With a proper form template in place, you'll be able to detect fraud early and significantly reduce your chargeback risk.

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