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Sertifi Workflow Recipe: Advanced Fraud Tools

Fraud risk is inevitable in the hospitality and travel industries, potentially costing you thousands of dollars a year in chargebacks. Sertifi's advanced fraud tools help you proactively defend your business and detect fraud, saving you valuable time and money. 

Our fraud tools allow users to identify fraud and build a fraud prevention policy based on the traits of fraudulent cards. Sertifi assesses every transaction, then gives you a fraud score and the necessary information to deny potentially risky transactions. 

In this short video series, I'm walking you through how you can utilize our fraud tools to set yourself up for success.

Uncovering Fraud Scores 

Once you uncover the fraud score of a payment card, you can look into why the card got the score it did and define those traits within Sertifi’s support center. 

Understanding Fraud Scores

After gaining access to a card’s fraud score and studying up in Sertifi’s support center, you can apply that information when trying to recognize the patterns of cybercrooks within a payment card’s activity or the information provided in an authorization form.

Utilizing A Sample Authorization Form 

By using Sertifi’s fraud tools, you not only learn about the signs of payment fraud but build out a payment fraud prevention policy you and your team can reference on a daily basis, potentially saving you all the hassle that comes with processing a fake payment. 

And that’s it! 

Use Sertifi to proactively defend your business, resulting in: 

  • More confident acceptance or rejection of transactions. 
  • Increased operational efficiency via automation.
  • Increased guest assurance with a PCI-compliant processes. 
  • Preservation of your company's reputation. 
  • Improved bottom line.


Building a Proactive Hotel Fraud & Chargeback Prevention Strategy

Get insights to stay proactive and drastically reduce your fraud and chargeback risk, including: 

  • What makes hotels uniquely vulnerable and the types of fraud to look out for. 
  • The growing cost and complexities of chargebacks. 
  • New strategies to prevent and respond to risks – from improving payment security to guest management to staff training. 


About the author

Peter Laspas

Peter Laspas is the manager of customer success at Sertifi. As a service-oriented leader, he's passionate about building relationships and helping users enjoy a more efficient, seamless agreement experience.