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Securely capture all the traveler details you need – all in one place.

Ditch email, fax, and other cumbersome, risky payment and document delivery methods. Thanks to an automated digital workflow, powered by a PCI-compliant platform, Sertifi gets a traveler's information in the right hands conveniently and securely.


Digitize Authorization Forms and
Other Documents

Currently requesting payment authorizations via paper, email, and fax? There’s a better way: Sertifi’s digital authorizations workflow. Travelers can easily share their payment information via an online form from any device and location, and it gets transferred to you in a secure, PCI-compliant manner. Plus, free advanced fraud tools help reduce your risk when taking their payment method.

Sertifi supports more than authorization forms.

Share digital contracts for e-signature and other documents like itineraries, travel consent letters, travel package selection forms, healthcare information, and more.



Capture Payments Securely

Get paid 2.5x faster by sending payment and e-signature requests together. Behind the scenes, SertifiPay, our proprietary payment processor, processes your payments in a seamless, PCI-compliant manner. Offer payment flexibility by collecting real-time card payments or scheduling payments for later.  

Enjoy the Biggest Travel Network 

Travel management companies work with Sertifi to offer a quick and secure way to push payment information to its final destination: the hotel reservation. Your travel management or virtual payment platform may already be integrated with Sertifi – and more systems are getting integrated every day. 

Ready to simplify and secure your workflows with Sertifi?