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Get paid faster with hotel payment solutions and event payment solutions from Sertifi.

There’s a reason 17,500+ hospitality and travel companies trust Sertifi.

Simplify selling by electronically capturing payments and agreement e-signatures from one secure platform. Behind the scenes, SertifiPay processes payments in a fast, PCI compliant manner at a lower cost to you.

Our customers have saved up to $175k a year in processing fees.



Simplify hotel payment processing and event payment processing with Sertifi.

Smartly process card-not-present transactions.

Reduce your card processing fees.

Sertifi offers a low and more predictable rate by ensuring each part of your business is assigned the appropriate MCC. Sertifi also lets you take advantage of ACH (eCheck) transactions, which let you conveniently capture payments online at a significantly lower cost than credit card fees.

Are you handling card-not-present transactions correctly? Read this post to find out.

Reduce fraud and chargebacks.

Capturing payments online makes a slew of fraud prevention methods available to you, including 3-D Secure. 3DS authenticates the identity of the cardholder and shifts payment liability back to the card issuer – so if a chargeback occurs, they’re responsible for handling it instead of you.


“Sertifi is a great solution for processing payments and speeding up the booking process. We have seen a substantial improvement in our processing times.”


Increase your group and event sales with less effort.

Eliminate friction for your customers.

Finalize sales in minutes by letting customers sign agreements and submit payments from any location and device. Collect a real-time payment or schedule one for later.

Increase sales team productivity.

Sertifi manages your entire payment lifecycle, so you’ll no longer need to keep track of schedules and requests for multiple deposits and post-event charges. Save more time with advanced reports and a complete audit trail of every transaction. Fees are also reconciled immediately, eliminating a bill at the end of each month.


Bring it all together – securely.

Our proprietary processor, SertifiPay, is powered by Stripe and baked into the Sertifi platform, so you're backed with battle-tested workflows and security. Our platform is also PCI compliant, meets stringent security requirements, and integrates with other solutions so you can easily and securely exchange information without ever leaving Sertifi.

In less than 10 minutes, you can sign up to accept payments directly in Sertifi – one account, one complete and secure transaction.

Ready to save time and lower costs with Sertifi?

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