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Our Solutions

Capture secure signatures and payments electronically via two unique platform offerings and a robust REST API.

Sertifi’s Agreement and Authorization platforms enable our customers to automate processes, improve workflows, and enhance security. Customers can send agreements and receive payment authorizations faster through a modern user platform. Our workflow solutions enhance PCI compliance, and reduce fraud risks while providing a consistent customer experience.

The Sertifi API allows third-party partners and customers the ability to quickly integrate the Sertifi Agreement and Authorizations Platforms into their existing solutions.

Security & Compliance

You Can Trust Our Solutions To Be Safe & Secure

"Sertifi moved Topgolf from an internal process focused on compliance to a process completely out-of-scope, due to not handling any guest credit card information. Additionally, it greatly accelerated the time it takes to get agreements signed and event deposits paid - from 5 days to just 3 hours."