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Sertifi's plans and pricing for business professionals, hospitality, and enterprise companies. Closing Pro and Closing Pro+ pricing listed. Request a quote for API business needs.
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Plans & Pricing

3 Distinctive Products, 3 Ways to Close Better 


Join thousands of companies that are closing business more than 90% faster with Sertifi. To put it simply, Sertifi Closing Pro is for all your eSignature needs and Sertifi Closing Pro+ goes a step further as it adds the ability to collect secure customer payments. Our latest product, Sertifi eAuthorize, focuses solely on verifying and authorizing credit cards, eliminating paper authorization forms altogether.

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  • USD$150/month*
  • Sertifi Closing Pro
    • Billed Annually
    • Starting price includes 5 users with the ability to send unlimited eSignature requests.
  • Contact Us
  • Includes 5 users (senders)
  • Additional users available (starting at $30 per month per user)
  • Send unlimited documents for eSignature
  • Integrations with Zuora, Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ, Amadeus Hospitality’s Sales & Event Management – Advanced (formally Delphi.fdc), Conga Composer, and Drawloop’s LOOP for Salesforce – Integration fees may apply
  • Customized user permission levels
  • Unique collaboration feature for senders and signers
  • Custom branding – signing interface and emails to signers
  • Shared document library
  • Full support service, implementation, and onboarding training
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • USD$250/month*
  • Sertifi Closing Pro+
    • Billed Annually
    • Starting price includes 5 users, unlimited eSignature requests, and 1k payment requests.
  • Contact Us
  • All benefits included in Sertifi Closing Pro
  • Includes 1k credit card payment requests per year (tiered pricing for additional credit card payment requests)
  • Payment gateway integrations with Authorize.Net, Check Commerce, CyberSource, Element, Merchant Link, Payeezy, U.S. Bank, Shift4 Corporation, and leading billing system Zuora
  • Collect one-time, re-occurring, or authorized credit card payments
  • Ability to collect ACH payments with select payment gateways – pricing is $2.50 per transaction
  • USD$105/month*
  • Sertifi eAuthorize
    • Billed Annually
    • Starting price includes unlimited users and up to 500 payment authorizations per year.
  • Contact Us
  • Includes unlimited users (senders)
  • Includes 500 payment authorizations per year (tiered pricing for additional payment authorizations)
  • Payment gateway integrations for authorizations include Check Commerce, Merchant Link, Shift4 Corporation, and Payeezy
  • Integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA – Integration fees apply
  • Send unlimited payment authorization forms for eSignature
  • Customized user permission levels
  • Unique collaboration feature for senders and signers
  • Custom branding – signing interface and emails to signers
  • Full support service, implementation, and onboarding training
  • Dedicated customer success manager

* Pricing for Sertifi products requires an annual contract.

Questions We Hear a Lot

  • Does Sertifi offer a free trial?
    Yes, please contact us if you’d like to get started. Trial periods last 30 days.


  • Is support and on-boarding included?
    Yes, we offer full support to all customers. Each customer is assigned a customer success manager to ensure a successful deployment and offer guidance and support along the way.


  • Does Sertifi offer a discount for non-profits?
    Yes, we offer a 20% discount.


  • Can I pay monthly instead of annually?
    Yes. However, we change monthly paying customers a 15% fee.


  • What if I need more than 5 users?
    You can easily purchase additional users. Pricing starts at $30 per user per month.


  • What is the main difference between Closing Pro and Closing Pro+?
    Closing Pro+ includes our Payment Bridge feature which allows you to collect secure payments and deposits. With the plan, you receive 1k credit card requests to utilize throughout the year.
  • How long does it take to get up and running with Sertifi?
    The duration of on-boarding is dependent on the product and integration. Closing Pro takes 1-2 days and requires 1 hour for training. Closing Pro+ takes up to 2 weeks and requires 1-2 hours for training. On-boarding takes longer for Closing Pro+ because there is an additional set up required by your payment processor. Set up time for API integrations is dependent on the project scope.


  • Does Sertifi process payments directly?
    No, we partner with many payment gateway providers including Merchant Link, Shift4 Corporation, Element Payment Services,, Payeezy and leading billing systems such as Zuora. This means that you use your existing processor to process payments.


  • What if I don’t have a payment processor yet?
    We can recommend a payment processor to you based on your business needs.


  • Can I purchase additional credit card payment requests?
    Yes. With Closing Pro+, you receive 1k credit card requests to use annually. You can purchase additional requests. Pricing is tiered. Please contact us for pricing.


  • Can I send ACH payment requests?
    Yes, you can send customers ACH payment requests. These requests must be purchased separately. Pricing is $2.50 per request.