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Get signed contracts, payments, and credit card authorizations back 90% faster with Sertifi.

Our complete platform can help you simplify and secure all your workflows, reduce payment costs and fraud, and maximize convenience for your guests.


20,000+ unique organizations trust Sertifi.

Sertifi is the exclusive provider for digital authorizations to all Marriotts around the globe, as well as the brand-standard for Hilton, Hyatt, Accor, Sonesta, and Red Roof Inn. Many of the largest hospitality management companies also use our solutions, including Aimbridge, Highgate, and Hersha.



Sertifi for Hotel Credit Card Authorization and Validation

Let guests respond anytime, anywhere, from any device. They'll always know what's coming from you with a custom-branded property portal and emails.

Easily link to your hotel CC auth forms directly from your website, email signature, or other location. With forms readily available to purchase amenities like spa services or gift cards, your guests can enjoy greater convenience, and you can enjoy higher revenue with no extra effort.

Advanced fraud tools come free with a subscription to our authorization solution to automatically verify cards for you. Using a combination of AI and data analysis, a card's risk level is graded from A to F, and you'll get detailed reporting alongside the grade, so you can feel confident in accepting transactions and reduce the burden of chargebacks.

Managing authorization forms via email or fax isn’t just inefficient. It leaves you prone to a breach of your traveler’s sensitive payment information.

Our platform is PCI compliant, meets stringent security requirements, and integrates with other solutions, so you can easily and securely exchange payment information without leaving Sertifi.

Every card number, expiration date, and type gets tokenized for protection. Plus, only select staff members can unmask the information when needed.

Sertifi partners with leading travel and payment companies, giving hotels an easy, secure way to receive credit and virtual card information from them before a traveler's arrival. You’ll be instantly notified whenever new details are available, so you can guarantee a seamless check-in experience every time.

This version of an authorization portal is completely free to hotels; no Sertifi subscription is required. Learn more here.

With a full-service authorization subscription and portal, you can also send authorization requests and capture card information directly.


#1 on Hotel Tech Report’s 2024 Top Payment Processing Software List

We're thrilled to be named the #1 payment processing solution – made possible by real users and their product reviews. Our solution is tailor-made for hospitality workflows and backed by experts who ensure you're set up for success.

If you're using SertifiPay for processing, let us handle your chargeback disputes to increase your win rate.

Enable  3-D Secure, shifting chargeback liability to card issuers.

Learn best practices to bolster your chargeback defense.


Sertifi for Hotel Contracts and Hotel Credit Card Processing

Over 50% of hotels are still sending contracts and collecting deposits separately. Sertifi can handle your hotel credit card transactions and contracting for every event, automating both processes into one easy step for you and your guests.

Guests can respond to signature and payment requests anytime, anywhere, from any device. They'll always know what's coming from you with a custom-branded property portal and emails.

SertifiPay, our proprietary payment processor, processes payments in a fast, PCI compliant manner. Our customers have saved up to $175k a year in processing fees. Learn more here.

In addition to card payments, your customers can pay via ACH (eCheck) – a card alternative that’s still convenient for them but less costly to youSertifi customers are saving thousands on a monthly basis since ACH fees are typically .5% compared to credit card processing fees of over 3%.

Save time with easy-to-build templates and a shared document library. Sertifi also manages your entire payment lifecycle, so you’ll no longer need to keep track of schedules and requests for multiple deposits and post-event charges.

Collect a real-time credit card payment or schedule one for later. Automatic reminders will keep everyone on schedule. Fees are also reconciled immediately, eliminating a bill at the end of each month.

Our proprietary payment processor, SertifiPay, is powered by Stripe and baked into the Sertifi platform, so you're backed with battle-tested workflows and security. Our platform is also PCI compliant, meets stringent security requirements, and integrates with other solutions so you can easily and securely exchange information without ever leaving Sertifi.

Many Sertifi customers – even large brands with 100+ properties – are up and running in one day. Sertifi also decreases staff onboarding time and lets them work from anywhere. You can even use e-signatures to finalize onboarding paperwork.


Hotels around the globe are finalizing business faster thanks to Sertifi.



Bring it all together.

Sertifi integrates with other solutions – including Amadeus' Delphi.fdc, Infor HMS and Sales & Catering, and Oracle's OPERA – so you can easily and securely do business and exchange information across your systems.

Ready to simplify and secure agreements with Sertifi?

Sertifi FAQ

Sertifi's credit card authorization software makes allows you to finalize credit card authorization forms in a completely digital, PCI-compliant manner. Our solution comes with free advanced fraud detection tools, which automatically verify cards upon submission so you know which cards are safe to proceed with, reducing your risk of chargebacks.

In addition to capturing card information via authorization forms, hotel users are also able to receive travel company authorizations from Sertifi travel and payment partners, including Amtrav and Conferma Pay, with needing to initiate a process or create a form. By receiving payment details ahead of a business traveler's stay, hotels can ensure a seamless check-in for those guests.

Sertifi advanced fraud tools, powered by Kount, come free with a subscription to our credit card authorization solution. When a card is submitted with the authorization form, it is instantly verified and given a fraud score. Using a combination of AI and data analysis, our tools use data from the user and the credit card to assess if a transaction is fraudulent. Using the score, you can decide whether or not to proceed with the card and transaction.

Sertifi's payment software allows you to process hotel credit card transactions in a more convenient manner. By digitizing and automating hotel online payment requests, you can capture card-not-present event deposits and final payments faster and with lower fees. In addition to card payments, Sertifi also allows for the acceptance of ACH (eCheck) payments, allowing you to lower your hotel credit card processing fees (ACH transactions have lower processing fees than cards).

Sertifi's e-signature solution allows you to finalize contracts, BEOs, HR paperwork, and other documents in a convenient online experience. Combined with our payment and authorization solutions, you can enjoy an all-in-one experience designed for hospitality businesses.

Yes, you can request and finalize payments directly from your Delphi.fdc instance. Click here to see the complete list of Sertifi integrations.

Yes, so the credit card will automatically post to the reservation in OPERA, saving you time and removing risk for human error. The integration is approved for Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Sonesta, and many other large brands.

Click here to see the complete list of Sertifi integrations.

  • Sertifi is the exclusive provider for digital authorizations to all Marriotts around the globe
  • Sertifi integrates with OPERA Cloud and OPERA On-Prem, which is approved for Marriott property use.
  • Sertifi works with CI/TY, allowing you to add Sertifi-specific fields when you're building your contract in CI/TY. From there, you can easily upload your contract to Sertifi to send for e-signature.

Looking for a Marriott credit card authorization form?

  • If you need to send a form, download our template here.
  • If you need to complete a form, please contact Marriott directly to receive access to a Sertifi form.

Sertifi's credit card authorization solution is the brand standard for Hilton properties worldwide. We can also help you simplify and secure your sales contracting and deposit workflows.