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Davidson Hospitality Group Finalizes Business Faster with Sertifi



Since 1974, Davidson Hospitality Group has set a high bar for delivering one-of-a-kind guest experiences and industry-leading service. When Davidson needed an e-signature, payment, and authorization solution, it sought a partner that reflected the hospitality company’s core values of unique experiences and exceptional service.

Tim Debruin, corporate director of catering at Davidson Hospitality Group, responsible for the success of event sales and planning across a diverse range of hotel locations, notes that Davidson desired to:

  • Reduce the long turnaround times on sales agreement and signature requests.
  • Increase security and convenience for clients when collecting advance deposits, as well as make tracking easier.
  • Maximize PCI compliance.
  • Reduce the number of communications necessary to fully execute a booking.

The Sertifi Solution

By implementing Sertifi, the property:

✅ Improved the guest experience.

The paperless solution eliminates the need to print and scan documents, including event contracts and credit card authorization forms.

✅ Reduced turnaround times by 60%.

The automated process reduced the time between signature request and receipt of signature by 60% on average. In particular, staff love the ease of obtaining countersignatures with auto-routing feature that ultimately delivers a fully countersigned document to all designated parties.

Using Sertifi, staff are also able to send event contract e-signature and deposit requests together. Sertifi also virtually eliminated declined credit cards used for advance deposits, saving significant time and money.

✅ Simplified payments for faster revenue.

Sertifi makes it easier for staff to track the entire payment lifecycle with payment scheduling, as well as auto-notifications and auto-reminders to the guest on upcoming deposits within predetermined time periods prior to due date. The ability to auto-copy designated persons, such as finance and sales managers, on completed transactions also helps cut down on interdepartmental communication and confusion.

✅ Increased security and PCI compliance.

Storing credit card information online is more secure and makes it easy to meet PCI compliance requirements.

“The adoption of Sertifi's payment solution saves our teams more than half of the time that is traditionally spent requesting, following up, processing a card, and providing a receipt for advanced deposit requests.”