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Save thousands in chargebacks with Sertifi credit card authorization forms.

15,500+ properties use Sertifi authorizations to:

Reduce chargebacks by 80% and save over $7,000 annually.

Get completed authorization forms back 90% faster.

Capture and store payment information in a secure, PCI-compliant manner.




Detect fraud early and 90% faster.


Put revenue at risk.

Paper credit card authorization forms could put you in violation PCI requirements, which means you're at greater risk for fraudsters to slip through your processes (not to mention steep fines up to $100,000 each month).


Save thousands in chargebacks.

Advanced fraud tools come free with a subscription to verify credit cards. Using a combination of AI and data analysis, a credit card's risk level is graded from A to F, and you'll get detailed reporting alongside the grade, so you can feel confident in accepting transactions and reduce the burden of chargebacks.




Be harder to work with.

Your customers are constantly busy and on the go. Asking them to complete authorization forms and submit their card information via paper email, scan, or fax is a painful experience, not to mention less much less secure.


Simplify steps for customers.

Send your customer a convenient digital credit card authorization form, so they can complete and sign it from any location and device. They'll always know what's coming from you and safe to respond to with a custom-branded portal and emails.


“Sertifi is extremely straightforward to use. Our guests value the ease of completing the forms and knowing their CC number is secure and not floating around the hotel on a printed sheet of paper.”



Waste time on manual processes.

Lose time manually setting up, sending, and following up on authorization requests. We all know how time-consuming responding to chargebacks can be, too.


Increase front desk productivity.

With a faster customer turnaround and fewer chargebacks, you'll earn more time to put toward other tasks. Embed your forms for gift cards, amenities, and more into a webpage so they're easy to find and share.


“Sertifi is an excellent service that has saved us time and money. Our employees enjoy using this service for its easy and reliable forms, and our customers enjoy a hassle-free experience.”



Manage systems separately.

You rely on other systems to manage hotel reservations and event bookings, but having to finalize credit card authorizations separately creates unnecessary manual steps that are more error-prone.


Complete tasks seamlessly.

Sertifi integrates with Oracle OPERA and other systems so you can seamlessly, securely maintain a complete record of a hotel reservation or event booking.


“Sertifi has given us a great alternative to obtaining guest credit card details with a secure method that integrates directly into our PMS. We no longer need any of our team members handling card data, which is a great bonus. The setup was seamless and the Sertifi team was great and knowledgeable.”


Features Our Users Can't Live Without


Customize permission levels for different team members

Enable two-step authentication for viewing credit card numbers

Add multiple participants to your request and pull from a contact list

Set reminders and expirations with your request

Customize or pre-fill your forms as needed

Clone an authorization to a payment

Ready to simplify and secure hotel credit card authorizations and event authorizations?

Sertifi Authorizations FAQ

Sertifi's authorization solution allows you to finalize a cc authorization form in a completely digital, PCI-compliant manner. By using online credit card authorization forms via Sertifi, you get free access to our advanced fraud detection tools, which automatically verify cards upon submission so you know which cards are safe to proceed with, reducing your risk of chargebacks.

In addition to capturing card information via authorization forms, hotel users are also able to receive travel company authorizations from Sertifi travel and payment partners, including Amtrav and Conferma Pay, with needing to initiate a process or create a form. By receiving payment details ahead of a business traveler's stay, hotels can ensure a seamless check-in for those guests.

Sertifi advanced fraud tools, powered by Kount, come free with a subscription to our credit card authorization solution. When a card is submitted with the authorization form, it is instantly verified and given a fraud score. Using a combination of AI and data analysis, our tools use data from the user and the credit card to assess if a transaction is fraudulent. Using the score, you can decide whether or not to proceed with the card and transaction.

  1. Chargeback Reduction: By using a PCI-compliant authorization solution, strengthened with the added protection of advanced fraud tools only Sertifi offers, you can significantly reduce your risk of chargebacks. Many customers reduce chargebacks by 80% and save thousands.

  2. Process Efficiency: With a fully digital experience that lets you and your customers work from any device and location, teams are finalizing authorizations 90% faster – often within minutes. You can also link to forms directly from your website or other location, so customers can purchase amenities and gift cards on demand.

  3. Security and PCI Compliance: Sertifi is PCI Level 1, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, and captures and stores card data securely. Additionally, only staff with the appropriate permissions can unmask and access card data. This is far more secure than leaving forms in binders or cabinets.

  4. Integrations: Sertifi integrates with Oracle OPERA and other systems so you can seamlessly, securely maintain a complete record of a reservation.

Yes, so the credit card will automatically post to the reservation in OPERA, saving you time and removing risk for human error. The integration is approved for Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Sonesta, and many other large brands.

Click here to see the complete list of Sertifi integrations.

You can be up and running with Sertifi in less than a day. Once your portal is ready, front desk staff can create and send authorization requests to the necessary parties. Requests can be set up with auto-reminders, saving you follow-up time.

Recipients will receive an email custom-branded to your business with a link to the authorization form. They can complete and submit the form from any device and location, and their information is securely submitted to your Sertifi portal.

Your portal centralizes all authorization requests into a single dashboard where you can track the status of each request, as well as evaluate the fraud scores given to submitted cards. Information is stored in a secure, PCI-compliant manner, and only staff with the appropriate permissions can access unmask credit card information via two-factor authentication.

Yes. Sertifi has three security profiles (Power Admin, Super Admin, and Admin), so you can control who has complete or partial access to your portal, as well as card data.

Credit card information can be unmasked and accessed for 60 days. You'll have access to the completed form for one year.

At the time of submission, you will receive an email with a PDF of the fully executed form attached, which will be available to you indefinitely. You can also download PDF copies before they expire in Sertifi.

Keep in mind that PCI DSS mandates that verification codes like CVVs can’t be stored at all. Therefore, Sertifi only transmits this information to maintain PCI compliance; we cannot and do not store it.

A hotel credit card authorization form is a document used by hotels to obtain permission from a cardholder to charge their credit card for the cost of someone's stay and any incidental expenses. This form is typically used in situations where the cardholder is not physically present and different from the guest staying on property, or when the hotel requires written authorization to charge the card.

By signing the authorization form, the cardholder gives consent for the hotel to charge their credit card for the specified amount. This form serves as a legal agreement between the cardholder and the hotel, outlining the terms and conditions of payment.

Using an online credit card authorization form with Sertifi, it is much easier for customers to sign and respond to you in a timely manner, while keeping your business PCI-compliant. Using a PCI compliant credit card authorization form can save you $5-100k a month in noncompliance fees, as well as reassure customers you prioritize the security of their personal data.

Sertifi is the exclusive provider for digital authorizations to all Marriotts around the globe, as well as the brand-standard for Hilton, Hyatt, Accor, Sonesta, and Red Roof Inn.