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Serving Businesses Across the World

Less paper, more trees. Join us in doing some good.

Sertifi is built for businesses who need a more efficient and secure way to manage the full contract process. We simplify how businesses send and collect agreements, payments, and authorizations by bringing it all into one secure platform.  Sertifi automates business processes, saves you time from performing repetitive tasks, enhances security and PCI-compliance, and provides customers an easy and convenient way to do business with your company. Thousands of businesses around the world use Sertifi to streamline their contracts and payment processes, recognize revenue faster, and increase job efficiency.  

Automate business processes Enhance security and PCI compliance

Save time from performing repetitive tasks

Provide customers an easy and convenient way to do business

Forward Thinking, Forward Movement

We hear it all the time.

“I don’t know what we did before Sertifi.”

And as much as we love accolades from our customers, chances are we’ve already started thinking about where they're headed next. At Sertifi, our goal is to build great products that help our customers do business better – and that means embracing change and a vision of the future, and making real plans to get there ahead of the curve.

Our Roots

It started with two brothers and the idea of a world where fax machines and paper storage were obsolete, and data security was more important than ever. It has grown to a team stretching from Chicago to Sydney, working every day to innovate, listen, and ultimately, help our customers succeed.

Your Success is Our Motivation

So while we have thousands of customers and millions of users, we never forget where we came from. Our customers are more than just names in Salesforce. With every contract signed and secure payment sent, we’re grateful that they’ve trusted us with their most valuable asset - their own customer relationships. That’s why we’re committed to helping deliver bottom line results - because when we succeed, it means we’re succeeding together.

Less Paper, More Trees

Our founders had one more goal in mind beyond fixing “the paper problem” in offices - it was to do some good for our planet by helping businesses generate less paper to begin with. Instead of printing documents only to sign, scan and throw them away, Sertifi solutions prove that it’s actually quite easy being green.

Career Opportunities

We believe that remote work works. Unless a location is specified in the job description, we welcome applicants from across the United States, with the option to work remotely or in our office in downtown Chicago. (And as a company built on providing green solutions, we love the idea of taking a few extra cars off the road!)