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Guarantee a seamless arrival for business travelers every time.

Managing authorization forms via email or fax isn’t just inefficient. It leaves you prone to a breach of your traveler’s sensitive payment information.​ That’s why Sertifi partners with leading travel and payment companies, giving hotels an easy, secure way to receive credit and virtual card information from them before a traveler's arrival.

Stop leaving ​security gaps in your process. 11,000+ hotels have already gotten started.

Leading brands are receiving credit and virtual card details the easier, secure way.



Details of 848k+ cards received


Details of 189k+ cards received


Details of 86k+ cards received


Details of 44k+ cards received

View payment information easily and securely.

With a Sertifi portal, business traveler payment information can be received at the hotel level from a travel or payment company – making a traditionally cumbersome process simple and secure.

First, the travel will provide their credit or virtual card details to the travel or payment company they're booking through. From your Sertifi portal, you'll retrieve the details for that booking and unmask the payment information securely, ultimately ensuring a seamless check-in process for your guest.

Here's all you have to do:


Log into your Sertifi portal and click on View.



Click on the blue arrow to the left of the
travel booking you’d like to view.



Click on “view cc” to unmask the
credit card number.

Are you currently a Sertifi Classic user? Click here to see the steps.

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Easily sign contracts, capture and process payments, and complete digital authorizations from a single solution and wherever you are. Just another way to take great care of your guests – before they even arrive.

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