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Instantly and securely share traveler payment details.

Our PCI-compliant platform can easily integrate with travel management software so travel companies have a convenient, secure way to send credit and virtual information to hotels. Let’s work together to simplify travel management and ensure a hassle-free payment experience for business travelers.



13,000+ hotels are already getting traveler credit or virtual card details from other systems. Join the growing network.


Details of 848k+ cards received



Details of 189k+ cards received


Details of 86k+ cards received


Details of 44k+ cards received

A simple integration. A powerful experience.

Digital workflows are the safest way to do business. Give travelers and hotels peace of mind and offer a seamless, secure experience. Here’s how it works.

Book a trip. A corporate traveler books their trip through a travel manager or their company's booking platform.

Instantly send payment. A virtual card is generated and sent, or the corporate card on file is sent, along with related payment instructions and traveler information.

Notify the hotel. The hotel gets an email notification and is sent to their Sertifi portal to view payment and other information.

Save the card. The hotel employee completes a two-step authentication process to securely access payment data.

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