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Amtrav Ensures Frictionless Arrivals for Business Travelers with Sertifi



Serving over a thousand corporations in the United States, Amtrav’s corporate travel customers rely on them to seamlessly manage bookings and check in at their selected hotel upon arrival.

Prior to Sertifi, sending booking information to the hotel in advance was a completely manual process. On average, one hundred hours per month were spent:

  • Manually creating forms, which included the card details with which the stay would be paid for, and then emailing or faxing them to the hotel.
  • Following up to ensure forms were being received.
  • Canceling and redoing bookings on account of compromised payment cards.

The Sertifi Solution

With 11,000+ hotels signed up to receive travel company authorizations via Sertifi, Sertifi was the clear choice and partner for improving the process.

With an integration to Sertifi’s travel authorizations solution, Amtrav:

Automated their process and saved half the time.

Sertifi automatically sends card and booking details to hotels, as well as reminders, significantly reducing manual time spent. With so much time saved, Amtrav was even able to cut the travel advisor team in half and reallocate those resources.

With an easy and short training period, the team was also able to onboard and see value quickly. “Even in the rare instance an issue arises, Sertifi’s quick to support. It is really a true partnership,” said Rebecca Gavin, vice president of travel services.

Reduced the risk of fraud.

Eliminating email and fax from the process, travelers’ card information is securely shared and stored within Sertifi. In addition, hotel staff cannot automatically see the complete card number when they receive it; only staff with the necessary permissions can view it. This has been particularly helpful when virtual cards are used, which are often mishandled.

“We’re always looking for options for customers to make secure, reliable hotel payments,” said Elliott McNamee, product marketing director at AmTrav. “Sertifi is hugely valuable in that card numbers are securely delivered to hotels and only viewable by the necessary staff.”

Strengthened their partnership with hotels.

On the receiving end, the hotel easily accesses information from a free Sertifi travel authorizations portal. As an equal partner in delivering great experiences to business travelers, hotels also benefit from the ease of use and security of the solution. In fact, fewer complaints about manual pre-payments and travelers having issues at check-in have been reported.

“Our customers need to make secure, reliable hotel payments. Sertifi is hugely valuable in that card numbers are securely delivered and only viewable by the necessary hotel staff.”