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Select-Service Hotel Takes Payment Authorization Forms Digital

Upgraded Guest Experience that’s Paperless & Seamless

Best Western Plus Gateway Inn & Suites in Aurora, CO offers a perfect location for business and leisure travelers due to its proximity to downtown Denver and the Denver International Airport. The hotel takes extraordinary pride in serving many guests visiting the world-renowned medical facilities nearby including the University of Colorado Hospital, Anschutz Medical Campus, Fitzsimmons Medical Complex, Medical Center of Aurora, and Denver Children’s Hospital.

With Sertifi eAuthorize, guests receive an email that’s branded toward the property requesting payment authorization. Guests can complete anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-enabled device. They’re guided to all required fields on the form, ensuring vital data is submitted.

The guest check in is smooth and flawless these days, regardless if they have the credit card used to book the room. On the spot, front desk employees can send the cardholder an authorization via Sertifi and it can be executed within minutes!

Capturing Authorizations 97% Faster & Verifying Cards in Real Time

Best Western now captures payment details for third party authorization forms and group reservations digitally. The automated process has shortened the time it takes to collect and verify cards from an average of 4 days to under 3 hours. The Address Verification Service (AVS) is used to verify credit card data, such as the zip code or billing street, against the cardholder’s billing information.

“All our forms include an eSignature from the cardholder, deterring people from engaging in fraudulent activity and disputing credit-card changes and helping reduce expensive chargebacks,” says Kyle Murray, General Manager at Best Western.

Property Gains 25 Hours per Month to Focus on Guests

Previously, employees spent on average 1 hour sending out forms for completion, following up via phone and email, and securely storing signed copies under lock and key. However, everything is accomplished digitally today including automatic reminders prompting guests to complete the form and employees are no longer buried in paper and administration work.

“Employees are happier on the job. If you have happy employees, you’ll have happy guests. If you treat your employees well, they’ll treat your guests well. In return, they’ll come back and write a glowing TripAdvisor or Expedia review!” shares Murray.

On-Site Storage to 100% on the Cloud with Zero Paper Trail

Sertifi enables Best Western to eliminate on-site storage of signed forms, minimizing PCI risk and liability. The property understands the importance of lowering its risk and building trust and credibility with guests. Sertifi has reduced payment data exposure from the entire front desk team to only the general manager who securely retrieves payment data for entry into their PMS system.


“About 40% of our guests are visiting medical centers in our community. These guests are patients, visiting patients, health professionals, or medical students. They’re already dealing with appointments, massive amounts of paperwork, and stress. We don’t want to add to that! We’re always striving to find ways to enhance the guest experience. By introducing Sertifi eAuthorize, we hit the bullseye with no more burdensome paper authorizations.”


Hotel Info:

800 S Abilene Street
Aurora, CO 80012