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Best Western Select-Service Hotel Goes Digital with Authorization Forms


Employees were spending a lot of time emailing forms, following up via phone and email, and manually storing signed copies under lock and key. They knew a digital process would unbury them from paper processes and administrative work.

Sertifi Solution

Using Sertifi, guests can electronically sign authorization forms anytime, anywhere, from any device. Automatic reminders keep everyone on track, and the built-in advanced fraud tools protect the property from chargebacks. Storing credit card information online is also more secure and makes it easy to meet PCI compliance. Sertifi has reduced payment data exposure from the entire front desk team to only the general manager, who securely retrieves payment data for entry into their PMS system.

“Employees are happier on the job. If you have happy employees, you’ll have happy guests. If you treat your employees well, they’ll treat your guests well," said Kyle Murray, general manager.


The automated process has shortened the time it takes to collect and verify cards from an average of four days to under three hours.

“All our forms include an e-signature from the cardholder, deterring people from engaging in fraudulent activity and and helping us reduce expensive chargebacks,” said Murray.


Best Western digitized authorizations with Sertifi. The results?

  • A convenient experience for staff and guests and 97% faster turnaround time
  • Increased secure and ease in meeting PCI compliance
  • Instant card verification and fraud protection