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Dave & Buster's Streamlines BEO and Payment Process

Business Challenge

Dave & Buster’s Special Events group of 150 managers and consultants across 64 locations and a call center needed to get Banquet Event Order forms (BEOs) signed faster. The traditional paper-and-pen method for getting lengthy BEOs signed was slow and burdensome.

Collecting customer payments added another hurdle! On average, it would take days to receive payment. To submit payment, customers had to print, sign, scan, and fax credit card authorization forms. Once received, the Special Events group would spend 20 minutes per form re-keying data.

Dave & Buster’s needed to automate both the BEO and payment process in order to recognize revenue faster and offer a convenient way for customers to sign.

Sertifi Solution

Dave & Buster’s chose Sertifi to automate the last mile of the sales process. The company selected Sertifi for its integrated solution for getting agreements signed electronically and collecting customer payments. The Special Events group utilizes Amadeus Hospitality’s Delphi.fdc on’s platform to quickly generate BEOs. Integrating Sertifi allowed the group to get BEOs signed faster and collect payments within seconds of customers signing.

After customers sign BEOs, they’re directed to a payments page to submit the required 50% deposit for special event services and signed BEOs (PDF versions) are sent to all parties involved in the deal.

The Results

Since using Sertifi, about 99% of customers sign BEOs electronically. The company estimates that it has reduced the time it takes to get agreements signed and paid by more than 90%. The Special Events group no longer spends time reviewing forms and re-keying information, eliminating human error and greatly increasing worker productivity. During peak months, high volume Dave & Buster’s locations save 100 person-hours each month by not having to re-key credit card data.

Customers appreciate being able to quickly sign and pay within a centralized area. They’re no longer hassled with paper, print, scan, and fax. The solution offers Dave & Buster’s advanced sales efficiency, security of sensitive cardholder data, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

About Dave & Buster’s

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dave & Buster’s is the premier national owner and operator of 64 high-volume venues that offer interactive entertainment options for adults and families, such as skill/sports-oriented redemption games and technologically advanced video and simulation games, combined with a full menu of high quality food and beverages.

Dave & Buster’s currently has stores in 26 states and Canada. For additional information on Dave & Buster’s, please visit

“With Sertifi, we streamlined the BEO and payment process, collecting customer signatures and payments within an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes!”

Project Manager of Special Events, Dave and Buster's