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Hilton Garden Inn Collects Authorizations 3.5x Faster

“Processing everything online is a real benefit to our guests. It’s created time savings and ease of use, which has greatly decreased the turnaround time.”



Prior to using Sertifi, they were using Hightail to handle authorization forms, but they wanted a solution that took both guest security and PCI compliance a step further. The former process meant printing, scanning, and emailing forms, which the guest then had to print, complete, and fax back. From there, the Hilton team would scan the documents into Hightail store them securely, then shred them.

“There were a lot of extra steps and unnecessary work to keep things secure before moving to Sertifi," said Ryan Turnello, campus director of finance.

The team was managing 20-30 credit card authorization forms a month, so there was a lot of time lost on manual steps. A lot of time was also spent verifying credit card numbers. They also had to limit the number of Hightail users, so guests would have to speak with multiple team members to obtain an authorization form.

Sertifi Solution

To improve the guest experience, the team digitized their authorization forms with Sertifi. Now, credit card authorization forms are sent and received through a secure, easy to use online portal, and guests can fill out the forms from a custom-branded email by simply using their mobile device or tablet. Once a guest submits their form, the card is instantly verified and tokenized for future billing needs.

"The two deciding factors for Sertifi were the credit card verification and having the second set of security where a pin number is sent to your email,” said Turnello.

Additionally, Sertifi lets front desk, finance, and sales teams navigate and retrieve authorization forms in a more efficient way. Staff members can search by reference and group number in the Sertifi document library.


Sertifi has been a win for multiple teams at the Hilton Bayside Campus and their guests. Not only is the experience faster; guest information is more secure.

“It’s been more user-friendly, and being able to process everything through a website is a real benefit to our guests. It’s created time-savings and ease of use, which has greatly decreased the turnaround time. What used to take a week now takes a couple of days."

Staff members with the appropriate user permissions can retrieve tokenized credit card numbers and type them directly into their property management system. More importantly, guests no longer have to be bounced between team members to finalize business.



Hilton Garden Inn digitized authorizations with Sertifi. The results?

  • A convenient experience for staff and guests and a 71% faster turnaround time 
  • Increased secure and easier PCI compliance
  • Instant card verification and fraud protection