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Topgolf Gets a Hole-In-One with Sertifi

"Sertifi greatly accelerated the time it takes to get contracts signed and event deposits paid, while keeping the safety of our guests’ personal information top of mind."



Topgolf’s event space and catering offerings are popular for social functions, corporate events, and golf instruction alike, keeping their sales staff busy year-round. Behind the scenes was a burdensome, paper-based process for booking and paying for events. To finalize a booking, a salesperson would generate an event contract and email it to the client, who would then print, sign, and fax over a signed copy along with their payment information. This created considerable administrative work and introduced room for human error – not to mention the fact that many customers no longer have access to a fax machine. 

Topgolf had a vision of better serving their guests with a simple, painless way to sign and pay electronically. With these challenges in mind, they began a search for a technology solution.

Sertifi Solution

Topgolf's priorities included protecting customer data and finding a faster, more efficient way to close sales. Sertifi quickly emerged as the clear choice. Offering a full integration with their PMS, Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Advanced (formerly known as Delphi.fdc), plus a direct, secure connection to their payment gateway, Merchant Link, Sertifi’s solution was a seamless fit.

Now the sales team is able to send contracts for signature, along with a payment request for the initial deposit, in just one click. They can also request second or final payments as needed. Payment and deposit data are all pushed directly into their PMS, which means that no one at the venue ever sees or handles credit card numbers.


With Sertifi, Topgolf reduced the time it takes to collect signed and paid contracts from five days to just three hours. For their sales team, it has completely reinvented the way they get event contracts into clients’ hands – freeing up hours each day to better serve existing guests and focus on new business.

“With Sertifi and our PMS integration, we found a solution that greatly accelerated the time it takes to get contracts signed and event deposits paid, while keeping the safety of our guests’ personal information top of mind,” said Topgolf’s national sales director. With events turned around in just hours, sales reporting at both the corporate and venue level is more accurate and robust than ever, with near real-time visibility into event inventory.

For a company that specializes in great times, the ultimate measure of success has been the positive response from their guests. Guests find it easy and convenient to sign and pay for events at any time, from any device, and they feel comfortable knowing their credit card information is secure. That means the only thing they have to worry about is perfecting their golf swing.



Topgolf streamlined their contract and payment workflow with Sertifi. The results?

  • The ability to close business in hours instead of days
  • Greater security and ease in meeting PCI compliance
  • A faster, easier guest experience
  • Seamless integrations with their PMS and payment gateway