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Dave & Buster's Streamlines BEO and Payment Process



Dave & Buster’s Special Events group across 64 locations and a call center needed to get Banquet Event Order forms (BEOs) signed faster. The traditional paper-and-pen method for getting them signed was slow and burdensome.

Collecting payments added another hurdle and typically took days. To submit a payment, customers had to print, sign, scan, and fax credit card authorization forms. Once received, the Special Events group would be required to re-key data.

The Sertifi Solution

By implementing Sertifi, the property:

✅ Integrated signatures and payments into Delphi.fdc.

The Special Events group was most excited about the platform's integration to their PMS, Delphi.fdc, and Salesforce. Integrating with Sertifi allowed the group to get BEOs signed faster and collect payments within seconds of customers signing.

✅ Reduced turnaround times by 90%.

Since using Sertifi, Dave & Busters has reduced the time it takes to get contacts signed and payments made by more than 90%. The Special Events group no longer spends time reviewing forms and re-keying information, eliminating human error and greatly increasing productivity, especially during peak months.

✅ Improved guest experience.

Guests appreciate being able to quickly sign and pay within a centralized area, no longer hassled with outdated, offline ways of doing business. They can also trust their information stays secure.