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Hotel Madison Simplifies Payments and Saves $9,000 with Sertifi ACH



The Hotel Madison team was eager for a faster, more convenient payment workflow for both staff and clients. Prior to Sertifi, sales managers would send agreement and payment requests through DocuSign, but they were having to repeatedly follow up with clients to get their complete payment information.

The Sertifi Solution

By implementing Sertifi's card and ACH payment processing solution, the property:

✅ Saved $9k+ by passing card volume to ACH.

In 2023, the property processed over $1.4 million in payments. 26% of that volume was paid via ACH, which allowed them to save over $9,000 of unnecessary credit card commissions. In turn, this savings helped the property afford other purchases.

✅ Improved the client experience and turnarounds.

With Sertifi's online payment forms, clients are empowered to enter their account information directly, and clients and staff alike are assured it's being transmitted and stored securely. Staff also don't have to worry about transmitting their own financial information.

As a result, the property is now closing business faster and faster, which helps staff move on quickly to other revenue-generating activity. They know when the funds are going to be available and that the client has sufficient funds to cover the payment.

✅ Started reconciling payments faster.

Credit card and ACH payments are sent through Amadeus Delphi.fdc, the property's sales and catering solution. This makes it easy for the group sales coordinator to match the deposit with the banquet check or BEO. It's also much easier to estimate the final balance.

At month's end, the finance team knows exactly what landed in their operating account and can see what's still pending or processing, cutting down on follow-ups with the sales office.


“When the client arrives, their priority is making sure their meeting goes off without a hitch. Anything we can do to make their experience better, that's what we're focused on, and we're seeing that with Sertifi and ACH.”