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Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia Keeps Business Moving Anytime, Anywhere with Sertifi



Coming out of the pandemic, the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia events and catering team started a hybrid work model, creating a new business need: a more efficient, secure way to communicate and finalize business from anywhere.

Prior to Sertifi, the team would email PDF contracts to clients, then print the returned copy and pass it on to the property’s Director of Sales and Marketing for final signoff and signature. With the team working from various locations, they needed a digital way to finalize contracts together.

The Sertifi Solution

By implementing Sertifi's e-signature solution and credit card authorization solution, the property:

✅ Increased staff productivity and guest convenience.

The events and catering team has a digital way to send, edit, and sign contracts. Automated reminders, easy-to-build templates, a shared document library, advanced reports, and a complete audit trail keep everyone on track. Once contracts are completed, all parties are instantly emailed the signed contract.

Staff also saved time by eliminating the need for re-PDFing contracts for a variety of changes. Plus, with the proper permissions in place, guests are also no longer able to edit the contracts on their own.

✅ Decreased turnaround times on contracts and authorization forms.

Since rolling out Sertifi, the average turnaround time on contracts has been reduced from three business days to a few hours. Plus, the team hasn’t missed a beat since moving to a hybrid work model.

“Our process was much more manual before Sertifi,” said Ryan Sullivan, director of sales and marketing at Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia. “Now it’s much easier to respond quickly and take great care of our clients – especially those in different time zones.”

Aside from increased efficiency from Sertifi’s e-signature solution, the property’s front desk team is also getting credit card authorization forms back faster with Sertifi. Rather than having to call clients for complete credit numbers, all information is securely, PCI-compliantly transferred to the hotel at once.

“Our process was much more manual before Sertifi. Now it’s much easier to respond quickly and take great care of our clients – especially those in different time zones.”