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How-To Videos

Our how-to video collection is for learning and training. New to Sertifi? See our Solutions in action now!

The Agreement Platform

Sertifi eSignatures Overview

Go paperless with Sertifi eSignatures! Use eSignatures (formerly Closing Pro) to send, sign, track, and manage documents online. Watch our overview video to see how easy it is for customers to execute documents via eSignatures and why more than 8.7 million users choose Sertifi.

Sertifi ePayments Overview

Sertifi ePayments (formerly Closing Pro+) simplifies how businesses across the globe send and collect agreements and payments. Watch our overview video to find out how you can use eSignatures and secure, online payments to securely close business faster, while providing an impressive digital experience for your employees and customers.

The Authorization Platform

Sertifi eAuthorizations Overview

Sertifi eAuthorizations fully digitizes the credit card authorization process, enabling your always-on-the-move guests to conveniently submit credit card information online within minutes. Watch this video to learn how Sertifi eAuthorizations can enhance PCI compliance and efficiency for your organization.


Sertifi for Amadeus Sales and Event Management –Advanced (Delphi.fdc)

The Sertifi and Amadeus Sales and Event Management –Advanced (Delphi.fdc) integration allows users to send and execute contracts and secure payments all within the sales and catering platform. Make closing business quick and painless by using the unique integration today!

Sertifi for Salesforce | How to Send, Sign & Track (Classic)

Use Sertifi for Salesforce to swiftly and securely close business. Collect eSignatures with Sertifi directly within Salesforce. The pre-built application is Salesforce1 Ready, Lightning Ready, and available on the AppExchange now.

Sertifi for Salesforce | How to Send, Sign & Pay (Classic)

With Sertifi for Salesforce, you can collect eSignatures and customer payments within minutes. Pick up where eSignatures leave off by quickly and securely collecting credit card or ACH payments online from your customers!

Sertifi for Salesforce | Send, Sign, and Track (Lightning)

This short video will detail the process for using Sertifi to send, sign, and track documents within the Salesforce Lightning interface.