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Save Thousands by Passing Card Volume to ACH

ACH is a perfect complement to credit card payments. Aside from giving your clients greater flexibility and choice in how they pay you, ACH payments are less expensive to process.

Many customers can expect to save $5k on each $1M processed.

Why ACH is good for business – even if you're already using wire instructions.

ACH payments are just as convenient and secure as card payments but cost significantly less to process. By offloading just 15% of card volume to ACH, customers are saving thousands a month.

Even if you're already accepting wires, you'll still see significant cost savings. Here's why...
Hear Why Hotel Madison Loves ACH

By processing just 26% of volume via ACH instead of card, this property saved $9,000 in one year.

Scenario A: Cards and Wire Instructions

Card = Convenient

Guests can enter their card information into a form and securely send it to you.

Wire Instructions = Less Convenient

Guests must follow your manual steps to pay you (and absorb the wire fees).

Results = Higher Card Volume / Higher Fees

Scenario B: Cards and ACH

Card = Convenient

Guests can enter their card information into a form and securely send it to you.

ACH = Also Convenient

Guests can instantly enter their bank information into a form and securely send it to you (and for many, this may be their preferred method to pay you).

Results = Lower Card Volume / Lower Fees
With two easy ways to pay you, you’ll inevitably have guests who opt for ACH over card, especially if you prompt them to. For example, setting ACH as the default payment method in Sertifi and/or requiring ACH for transactions over certain thresholds.

If you’ve already decided to offer guests the convenience of card payments, it’s a no brainer to add ACH as an additional option to help drive down your costs. You’ll also be able to automate manual processes for your team.

✅ Instead of sending wire instructions over email, you can automatically request, apply, and track payments to an event from Sertifi and your integrated PMS or sales and catering solution.

✅ ACH payments are easier to reconcile because the payment will be tied to an event, rather than scouring bank statements trying to find the right wire payment.

✅ ACH payments via online form are easier to submit, whereas wires may require more follow-ups to ensure you get paid on time.

✅ With banking details kept securely on file, you can easily use it for additional deposits and charges.

✅ Refund electronically instead of cutting a paper check.

Ready to reduce processing costs?