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Hyatt Hits a Home Run Closing Deals 2.5x Faster with Sertifi

Business Challenge

With more than 250 full-service hotels, Hyatt’s sales and events teams are working overtime to provide quality service to guests. However, with their previous paper method of executing contracts and collecting payments, there was an added level of difficulty.

Hyatt colleagues were forced to send contracts out via email to guests. From there, guests would print, sign, and scan or fax the contracts back to the hotel. On average, it took 2 days for Hyatt to collect signed contracts.

To further complicate matters, the payment piece of this process was kept separate to abide by PCI regulations. Hyatt would send credit card authorization forms to guests separately from the contract. Guests were forced to then print the forms, photo copy their credit cards onto the forms, and then fax the forms back. Completed forms had to be retrieved from a secure fax machine which was held in a locked room. Access to this room required a member of security with clearance. Finally, sales and events team members would manually enter the guest’s credit card information into OPERA (Hyatt’s Property Management System) and post to the master account.

Sertifi Solution

It was clear to Hyatt that they needed a solution which would 1) integrate their contract and payment collection process in a PCI compliant manner 2) accelerate the time to close and 3) provide more convenience for guests and colleagues alike. In July of 2016, Hyatt began implementing Sertifi as an enterprise tool across all North American properties. Hyatt’s SVP of Global Events, Steve Enselein, says “As soon as we implemented the tool, we saw that we were getting contracts back in hours instead of days.”

Today, Hyatt’s sales and events teams are collecting signed contracts and payments simultaneously. Hyatt now sends all contracts and payment requests through Sertifi’s easy-to-use web portal which is custom branded for Hyatt properties. Immediately, guests receive an email enabling them to conveniently sign the contract and submit payment details. Thanks to Sertifi’s integration with Merchant Link (Hyatt’s payment gateway) and OPERA, there is no more manual entry of credit card data. Payments are directly processed and posted, and employees are notified of the progress in real time. The entire process is simple, secure, and seamless.

The Results

With Sertifi, Hyatt has eliminated the mundane administrative tasks of contract and payment execution. Hyatt colleagues no longer spend 30% of their valuable time chasing paperwork. Sertifi cuts this number in half, allowing sales and events teams to dedicate more time to what matters most – ensuring that guest events are top notch. Hyatt reports that it has reduced the time it takes to close business from 48 hours to just 10.5 hours, enabling the company to recognize revenue faster.

In addition to taking 80% of the work out of the overall contract and payment process, Sertifi has also modernized Hyatt’s methods of maintaining PCI compliance. Enselein raves, “our security team was incredibly impressed with the level of PCI compliance and the security of guest data.” With Sertifi, there’s no more chasing down security to retrieve faxes from behind locked doors!

By Winter 2017, Hyatt will launch Sertifi globally to swiftly collect guest payments regardless of country and currency. Through Sertifi’s integration with CyberSource, Hyatt can collect payments in more than 190 countries and territories. Hyatt is committed to expanding the guest convenience experienced in North America around the globe.


“Not only is Sertifi a home run for managers who use it, it’s a home run for all other areas of business that support it – such as our technology, finance, and security teams!”

SVP of Events, HYATT Hotels Corporation

About Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Hyatt Hotels Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 13 premier brands. As of June 30, 2017, the Company’s portfolio included 731 properties in 56 countries. The Company’s purpose to care for people so they can be their best informs its business decisions and growth strategy and is intended to create value for shareholders, build relationships with guests and attract the best colleagues in the industry.

Main Challenges

  • 250 full-service Hyatt Properties
  • Executing paper contracts at an average of 2 days
  • Complicated, manual process for maintaining PCI Compliance

Cue Frictionless Business

  • Elimination of inconvenient papers, scanners, and fax machines by digitizing the process
  • Integrations with Merchant Link and OPERA for heightened efficiency
  • A secure and modern method of maintaining PCI compliance

The proof is in the Productivity

  • Time spent on paperwork is slashed from 30% to 15%
  • Average time to close business improves by 250%
  • 80% of the work associated with contract and payment execution is removed
  • Hyatt will expand Sertifi globally to achieve frictionless business in properties around the world