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Hyatt Closes Deals 2.5x Faster with Sertifi



Hyatt’s sales and events teams work hard to provide quality service to guests, but their previous paper method of executing contracts and collecting payments presented unnecessary challenges.

  • On average, it took two days for Hyatt to receive signed contracts and authorization forms due to guests needing to print, sign, and scan or fax the documents back.
  • Completed forms had to be retrieved from a fax machine that was held in a locked room, and access to this room required a member of security with clearance.
  • Staff had to manually enter the guest’s credit card information into OPERA, Hyatt’s PMS, and post to the master account.

The Sertifi Solution

By implementing Sertifi, the property:

✅ Reduced turnaround times by 80%.

Hyatt’s sales and events teams are collecting signed contracts and payments simultaneously with Sertifi’s easy-to-use online portal, which is custom branded to Hyatt properties.

“As soon as we implemented the tool, we saw that we were getting contracts back in hours instead of days," said Steve Enselein, Hyatt's SVP of global events.

✅ Simplified payments for faster revenue.

Guests instantly receive an email that lets them conveniently sign a contract and submit payment details. Thanks to Sertifi’s integration to Hyatt's payment gateway and PMS, payments are directly processed and posted, and staff are notified of progress.

✅ Increased security and PCI compliance.

In addition to taking 80% of the work out of the overall contract and payment process, Sertifi has also modernized Hyatt’s methods of maintaining PCI compliance. "Our security team was incredibly impressed with the level of PCI compliance and security of guest data," said Enselein. No more chasing down security personnel to retrieve faxes from behind locked doors.

“Not only is Sertifi a home run for managers; it’s a home run for all other areas of business that support it, like our technology, finance, and security teams.”


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