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Make bookings easier and celebrate the extra time you have in a day.

Easily sign contracts, capture and process payments, and complete digital authorizations from a single solution and wherever you are.



Sertifi for e-Signatures

Give your customers a convenient digital experience and see completed contracts flow in 90% faster.

Finalizing business fully online eliminates administrative burden and keeps sensitive information secure.

Customize your Sertifi portal and emails so customers know what's coming from you.

Save time with easy-to-build templates and a shared document library. Manage your workflow with automatic reminders, advanced reports, and a complete audit trail of every transaction.


Sertifi for Payments

Get paid 2.5x faster by sending payment and signature requests together. Behind the scenes, SertifiPay, our proprietary payment processor, processes your payments in a seamless, PCI-compliant manner.

Our proprietary payment processor, SertifiPay, is available worldwide and powered by Stripe. In less than 10 minutes, you can sign up to accept payments directly in Sertifi – one account, one complete workflow.

We know reliable security isn't optional. Our security certifications and PCI compliancy keeps your guest's payment information secure, and we only partner with trusted third-party payment gateways and processors.

Collect a real-time credit card payment or schedule one for later. Automatic reminders will keep everyone on schedule.


Sertifi for Digital Authorizations

Digitize authorizations forms to keep your guest’s information secure and receive completed forms 5x faster. Our advanced fraud tools instantly verify cards and detect fraud early – plus our fraud report gives you more information to act on beyond a simple "pass" or "fail."

Customers around the globe are finalizing business faster thanks to Sertifi.


"I have used Sertifi for years in previous positions and was so excited to hear when we were testing it here at my castle! Sertifi has drastically improved how I operate. The user friendly system sends auto email reminders to sign and pay, so I don't have to follow up or chase people down."



"Sertifi greatly accelerated the time it takes to get agreements signed and event deposits paid – from five days to just three hours."




Bring it all together.

Sertifi integrates with other solutions so you can easily and securely do business and exchange information across your systems.

Happier teams. Happier guests. Happier journeys. Ready to take off?