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The Sertifi API

Integrate existing applications quickly, easily, and securely.

Using the Sertifi API, third-party partners and customers can quickly integrate the Sertifi Agreement and Authorizations Platforms into their existing solutions.

The Sertifi API allows customers to focus on what they do best while ensuring secure finalization of the business process without the need to build on their own and invest their own technical resources.

By integrating the Sertifi API, companies can quickly begin receiving secure and compliant agreements much faster than building these tools on their own. Companies can also trust that they are receiving the most up-to-date compliance and security by partnering with Sertifi, who has over a decade of experience in this space.

By integrating Sertifi’s API, companies can finalize agreements while reducing manual processes and saving valuable time and resources.


Sertifi’s API is a web service that enables you to quickly, easily, and securely integrate into existing applications. Transactions are defined on the host application, allowing the workflow to be defined by the developer. This lets you rapidly integrate the service to send, manage, track and retrieve completed transactions. Our web portal solution provides administrative interfaces that allow you to configure settings, manage users, and view and track transactions. For transaction status, we provide real-time web service push or pull methods.

Getting Started

We make it easy to get started with our API. You'll get a custom guide for connecting your organization to Sertifi. This guide contains step-by-step instructions for an easy setup, as well as your custom API authentication code.

Once you’re connected, you can immediately start using the API to perform any task you’d normally do in your Sertifi portal, whether that’s sending a document for signature, updating a participant’s contact information, and many other workflow actions. To see a full list of what you can accomplish with the Sertifi API, refer to our REST documentation or SOAP documentation.

Developer Center

Visit the Developer Center to find details on how to quickly integrate our solution into the apps you already use and love. Use with your existing apps to send requests to customers via email, or provide an in-session experience directly on your website or portal. Use our API to reduce your integration time and start building robust enterprise applications today.