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Let Sertifi take the complexity out of the booking process.

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Agreement Platform Benefits

The Agreement Platform allows for a completely automated and streamlined experience between travel agencies, hotels, and guests.


Sertifi eConfirmations takes the once disjointed process of sending and receiving confirmation details and payment details via fax and pushes those details directly into a hotel’s Portal. Never leave guests hanging with missing details or payments again.


If your business frequently uses virtual cards or credit card authorizations, eConfirmations makes the sending and receiving process a breeze.

A Disjointed Process

In the past, travel agencies and hotels have struggled with sending and receiving reservation details because of vastly different processes and workflows.


The current workflow for travel agencies and travel management companies has been disrupted by the elimination of faxes in hotels. Due to the high security and compliance risk surrounding paper forms, hotels have moved away from accepting reservation details via fax.


To further complicate the situation, payment details are getting lost in the chaos of paper and fax methods. Rather than the convenient and stress-free experience they strive to give guests, it’s causing more frustration as guests arrive at the hotel and are unable to check-in with the payment details they shared with their travel agent.

Our Solution

Let Sertifi take the complexity out of the booking process.


With eConfirmations, Sertifi acts as the link between travel agents and hotels by storing the booking details, virtual card information, or payment details in a central, easy to access location – in turn, guests experience a smoother check-in process. When a travel agent books a room for a guest, all the information, along with the virtual card or payment details, are pushed directly into the hotel’s Portal.

What Sertifi Can Do for You

Complete Automation, Increased Efficiency, Streamlined Process


  • Stop spending valuable time on time-consuming archaic methods and get back to what you love doing – helping customers.


Elimination of Faxes & Paper Trails, Modern User Interface


  • Rid yourself of the risk (and clutter) that comes with paper documents and enjoy the ease and simplicity of an automated, digital solution.


Elevated Guest Experience, Happier Customers


  • At the end of the day, we know your aim is to make life easier for your customers, and we’re happy to help you reach that goal.

Use Cases

How can your business utilize Sertifi?

Corporate Travel

Businesses often need travel agencies to arrange rooms and make reservations for employees traveling for business. This typically includes the use of a virtual card upon check-in.

Long-term Stays Due to Natural Disasters

In the event of a natural disaster and damage to an individual’s home, insurance agencies will work with travel agencies to arrange a long-term stay at a partnering hotel.

Ready to take the complexity out of the booking process?