About Sertifi eConfirmations

Sertifi eConfirmations powers seamless B2B payment delivery between travel companies – such as travel management companies (TMCs), virtual card providers – and travel suppliers, particularly hotels.




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Who Benefits from the Solution?

Travel companies – A quick, secure, and hassle-free way for travel companies, including TMCs, to send virtual card and corporate credit card payments directly from their booking platform to travel suppliers, such as hotels.

  • Successful payment delivery, including corporate cards, virtual cards along with corresponding payment instructions, and guest information
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve client experiences
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Virtual card providers – Drive virtual card usage by ensuring travel companies can successfully deliver virtual cards and the required payment instructions to travel suppliers for bookings.

  • Increase virtual card transactions
  • Enhance relationships with travel partners
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Hotels and Other Travel Suppliers – A standardized way to quickly and securely receive payments for corporate bookings from travel companies.

  • Successful payment delivery, including corporate cards, virtual cards along with corresponding payment instructions, and guest information
  • Increase travel bookings
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure smooth business traveler experiences
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The Challenge

Travel companies and travel suppliers, especially hotels, struggle with sending and receiving virtual card payments due to vastly different processes and workflows.


Since hotels can’t retrieve all the necessary virtual payment information from the Global Distribution System (GDS) for corporate travel bookings, TMCs have relied heavily on fax machines and other offline activities to send virtual cards, corresponding payment instructions, and essential traveler information such as check-in times, room preferences, etc. to hotels.


However, this workflow has been disrupted by the elimination of faxes in hotels due to modernized technology, an increased focus on security, and PCI DSS and GDPR regulations.


Today, the workflow for TMCs and hotels has become disjointed and difficult to navigate. Until now…

Our Solution

Sertifi has revolutionized the B2B travel payment ecosystem, by connecting travel companies and travel suppliers in a whole new way.


Sertifi eConfirmations API provides a seamless payment journey, ensuring travel companies can successfully send virtual payments directly to travel suppliers, ensuring smooth and hassle-free payment experiences for corporate travelers.


All payment data is tokenized and transferred in a PCI compliant manner. The travel supplier instantly receives an email notifying them of payment delivery. At this time, the travel supplier can securely retrieve payment data through their very own Sertifi Portal using a two-step authentication process. Furthermore, if the travel supplier is a hotel property and uses OPERA Oracle Hospitality, Sertifi can seamlessly push the payment data directly into the property management system (PMS).


  • Seamless payment delivery, involving virtual cards and payment instructions
  • Open and flexible API
  • Enhance PCI and GDPR compliance
  • Payment tokenization
  • Email notification of delivery
  • Secure portal for travel suppliers
  • Two-step authentication for payment retrieval
  • PMS integration (OPERA Oracle Hospitality)

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