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Getting Back to Business with e-Payments


Guests and travelers are getting back to business, eagerly making plans to connect with family, friends, and colleagues in person. Reopening doors with limited staff and pre-pandemic ways of doing business has made bouncing back a bit more challenging for the hospitality and travel industry. Every minute your staff has in a day should go toward creating a great guest experience, not worrying about processes that technology can make easier and more secure. 

Offering flexible online payment options is a great way to take care of your staff and guests – especially when guests demand convenience and contactless business now more than ever. What are ways a digital solution can help?


Smarter Spending

The automation and convenience provided by online payments lead to lower transactional costs and overhead. Plus, spending less time hunting down payments means more time for your staff to optimize other areas of business.

Increased Security

Faxing payment information or taking it over the phone leaves everyone vulnerable to risk. Capturing payments online means information is instantly sent, processed, and stored in secure way. That's because online payments have built-in security and compliance regulations, which is especially important in regions like the EEA and UK. Here, additional mandates, such as PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication, exist to reduce fraud. Digital solutions like Sertifi also offer built-in fraud detection tools to help you avoid costly chargebacks.

Greater Flexibility

Accepting online payments give guests multiple payment methods to choose from. Some common methods include ACH, eWallets, prepaid cards, and more. Methods like ACH can reduce card fees by 85% per transaction, letting recoup your tech investment in just a few transactions. Guests can also choose to pay immediately or schedule a payment for later.

A Better Journey

All this means less friction and more convenience for you and your guests. After all, in a digital-first world, immediate gratification in completing transactions is something everyone's grown to expect and value. 

Are you ready to finalize business faster?

Sertifi helps you avoid delays and get paid 2.5x faster by sending payment and signature requests together. Behind the scenes, our platform captures and processes your payments as one solution.